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Saudi Arabia vs. Iran: A regional spat with global implications

September 30, 2019
By Gwyneth K. Shaw | Penn Today

On Sept. 14, a wave of drone attacks struck a state-owned Saudi Arabian oil facility, a major blow to the desert nation’s petroleum production. Yemen rebels claimed responsibility, but the Saudis insist the Iranian government was behind the attack and have encouraged the international community to punish Tehran. 

President Trump, who walked to the brink of airstrikes on Iran last spring but pulled back at the last minute, recently announced the U.S. government will send roughly 200 troops and some military equipment to Saudi Arabia, a major ally. It’s unclear, however, whether a more robust display of military muscle is coming. 

Penn Today asked political scientist Michael Horowitz, who specializes in international relations and military decision-making, to explain the situation and outline what might happen next. 

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