Conflict, Europe, Russia , Power & Security Save Odesa to save the world from hunger and high food prices

May 13, 2022
By Trudy Rubin | The Philadelphia Inquirer

When Russia sent hypersonic missiles into a shopping center in Ukraine’s elegant port city of Odesa on Monday, it was literally attacking the world.

Ukraine is known as the “breadbasket of Europe” and a global grain exporter. Eighty percent of its wheat used to ship from Odesa until Russia began blockading this major Black Sea port and targeting its civilians. Russia’s assault is the cause of soaring wheat prices that threaten starvation for many of the world’s poorest people, especially in the Middle East and Africa.

Moscow has already seized control of most of Ukraine’s coastline, including Mariupol’s port on the Sea of Azov. Smashing Odesa would virtually land-lock the country and destroy its international economy. With its maritime blockade of Odesa, Russia now controls nearly the entire northern coast of the Black Sea, contrary to international conventions.

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