Asia-Pacific, China, Power & Security, Technology Southeast Asia and the China-US Fight for Tech Supremacy

March 16, 2023
By Elina Noor | AsiaGlobal Online

This article is based on discussions at a workshop on “Economic Security and the Future of the Global Order in the Indo-Pacific” hosted by Perry World House on February 22, 2023. 

The US-China battle for technological supremacy is no longer to be fought in just the complex and distant domains of hypersonics and quantum computing. It is now also a contestation of uninterrupted access to component parts and the capacity to produce them, as well as the ability to move parts and products around. The technology rivalry that pervades the political, military and economic dimensions of Beijing and Washington’s bilateral ties affects networks around the world.

For Southeast Asia, a region invested in both the supply and demand sides of tech, three questions loom large. First, what might the end state of Sino-American competition look like? Second, what does it mean for a Southeast Asia that is counting on technology to fuel growth and productivity gains? And third, where would regional states place themselves if not with either a Washington- or Beijing-led vision?  

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