Power & Security, Space Watch Now: Launching Into the New Space Age with Naoko Yamazaki

May 26, 2021
By Perry World House

The future of outer space is congested, contested, and competitive. We are entering a new space age, where new actors are developing launch capabilities previously only available to some nation states; emerging technologies are broadening the horizons of space exploration; and competition is growing between great powers and major corporations alike. But space also remains a place of wonder and exploration, international cooperation, and endless possibilities.

We hosted our Visiting Fellow, former Japanese astronaut, space policy advisor, and director of the Space Port Japan Association Naoko Yamazaki, to discuss what defines the new space age; how countries can continue to maintain a peaceful and cooperative space; how scientists and engineers can advocate for the protection of the shared commons of space; how “space ports” and space tourism are changing the future of transportation; and more.

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