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Watch Now: Nursing and COVID-19: Perspectives from the U.S. and Latin America

July 21, 2020
By Perry World House

2020 has become the year of COVID-19 - but long before that, it was the World Health Organization’s “International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.” Experts at the WHO are urging for massive global investments in nursing education and jobs, including in Latin America, which has become the epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic in recent months.

In late May, Latin America surpassed both Europe and the United States in number of cases and number of deaths, and it is now home to some of the largest outbreaks in the world. What is the state of nursing globally, and specifically in the U.S. and Latin America? How will investments in nursing assist in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in the region? What are lessons for policymakers in ensuring nurses are full participants in addressing the health of communities in this pandemic and beyond?

To find out, Perry World House, Penn Nursing, and two renowned global experts on nursing policy - Penn’s Dean of Nursing Antonia M. Villarruel and PAHO’s Regional Advisor on Nursing and Allied Health Personnel Silvia Cassiani - came together for this virtual event on nursing, COVID-19, and Latin America.

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