Alice Krainock

Communications Coordinator

Alice Krainock is the Communications Coordinator for Perry World House. She is responsible for using strategic communications to improve our effectiveness and leverage our work across our various audiences and constituencies, including Penn students, faculty, and staff, and the policy community.  Her work includes managing our website and social media, writing press releases and articles, and recording our podcast. Alice recently moved to the United States from the United Kingdom, where she gained extensive experience working in communications for the German and British governments. Prior to joining Perry World House, she worked as a communications consultant for a globally-oriented nonprofit here in Philadelphia.

Alice is excited to be Perry World House’s first ever Communications Coordinator, and is looking forward to using her skills to spread the word about our research, programming, and events, and to raise awareness about the global engagement opportunities we offer. Alice earned her B.A. in Modern and Medieval Languages (German and Russian) from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and was later awarded an honorary M.A.

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