Lauren Kahn

Research Fellow

Lauren Kahn is the 2019-2020 Research Fellow at Perry World House. In this role, Lauren contributes to the intellectual life of Perry World House, working on projects within the Global Innovation Program, the Graduate Associates Program, the World House Student Fellows Program, and administrative tasks, in addition to conducting and producing her own research.

A significant facet of Lauren’s work is to deepen Perry World House’s engagement with the student population at Penn, largely through designing and administering the World House Student Fellows Program.

A recent Penn graduate, Lauren received her B.A. in international relations with a concentration in foreign policy and security studies. Her primary research interests revolve around the intersection between science, technology, and war, and her undergraduate thesis on Why States Acquire Smart Bombs was a Palmer Prize runner-up. Lauren is excited to join the Perry World House team as a full-time member, in support of their mission to be a hub for global engagement and discourse within and beyond the Penn community.

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