Lisa Jourdan

Events and Building Operations Director

Lisa Jourdan is the Events and Building Operations Director for Perry World House. She is responsible for directing all activities within as well as supervising event organizers, caterers, and other event-related personnel. Lisa came to Penn from Washington, D.C., where she helped produce annual fundraisers for elite non-profits such as the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and Vital Voices Global Partnership. Most recently she managed events for a non-profit health organization in D.C. raising critical service funds for medically at risk populations. In 2010 Lisa traveled to South Africa to conduct research on the corporate social responsibility of the sponsors and partners of FIFA’s World Cup. It was here that her desire to work for an organization focusing on the global impact of creating and planning mega events was cultivated.  Lisa is excited to be at Perry World House where her interest in the socio-economic, environmental and cultural effects of policy planning is in line with Perry World House’s aim to advance interdisciplinary research on issues of global importance. Lisa earned a dual degree in Environmental Studies and Psychology from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania and her Master’s in Tourism Administration with concentrations in Event Management and Sustainable Development from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

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