Transatlantic Relations - What's Next? Report cover
Transatlantic Relations - What's Next?

In July 2019, Perry World House, the University of Pennsylvania’s center for global policy engagement and research, released Transatlantic Relations - What's Next?, a publication that pinpoints the most crucial issues facing transatlantic policymakers today and proposes solutions.

Perry World House Annual Report Cover 2017-18
Perry World House Annual Report 2017-18

Perry World House's Annual Report 2017-18 looks back at our second year of operations, and explores how we worked towards our goals to bring the world to Penn, to deepen and broaden our engagement with the Penn community, and to build our capacity for policy impact.

Global Shifts
Model International Mobility Declaration Workshop Documents

Read the workshop report, keynote remarks by Ambassador William Swing, and draft text of the Model International Mobility Declaration here.

Global Order
2018 Global Order Colloquium Thought Pieces

On the first day of the 2018 Global Order Colloquium, scholars and policy experts convened to exchange views on how the global order is faring at a time of dramatic change and turbulence. Read their thought pieces here.

Kuala Lumpur
Global Shifts
Penn: Current Research on Sustainable Urban Development

Three research centers at Penn worked together to bring Penn’s urban expertise to this year’s World Urban Forum...

Global Order
Fall 2017 Global Order Colloquium Thought Pieces

Read thought pieces from our Fall 2017 Global Order Colloquium

Global Order Cover
Global Order
Fall 2017 Colloquium Report

Populism and nationalism have captured the attention of voters and leaders around the world, altering both domestic and international politics. Some governments pursue...

Global Shifts
Spring 2017 Colloquium Thought Pieces

Read thought pieces from our Spring 2017 Global Shifts Colloquium

Global Shifts Cover
Global Shifts
Spring 2017 Colloquium Report

Much of the current public rhetoric on urbanization, migration, and demographic change is framed categorically and with sharp distinctions about potential outcomes. Whether...

Advancing the New Urban Agenda
Global Shifts
Advancing the New Urban Agenda in a Shifting World

This document is the product of a Perry World House multi-stakeholder workshop “Advancing the New Urban Agenda...

Global Shifts Research Digest
Global Shifts
Research Digest: Global Shifts

Highlighting the research of over 45 faculty members from across the University of Pennsylvania.

Experts Meeting
The Role of Academic International Affairs Institutes in the Public Policy Landscape

How can academic international affairs institutions...