Workshops & Colloquia

Incredible things happen when great minds share a room: Tough questions get asked. Diverse perspectives are expressed. Productive partnerships are forged that provide the collective strength to confront challenges, formulate new policy, and move forward.


About Global Innovation Colloquia

Each year, a two-day Global Innovation Colloquium advances a research theme Perry World House is currently exploring. Day 1 follows a workshop model, bringing together a select group of academics and policy makers for presentation and discussion of specially-commissioned thought papers.  Day 2, which is open to the public, broadens the audience and opens the conversation to the full Penn community, with high-level panel discussions, roundtables, and a keynote address.

Following each Colloquium, Perry World House publishes a formal report that highlights the key findings and puts forward targeted policy recommendations. These reports summarize the panel discussions, pose questions for further examination, propose next steps, and reprint the thought papers. Videos of the Colloquium are posted on the Perry World House website.

About Global Innovation Workshops

Several full-day Global Innovation Workshops are held each year on Perry World House’s current research themes. The workshops are thoughtfully structured to encourage the fruitful and spirited exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise. Participants include policy makers; practitioners (such as government officials, urban planners, leaders of community organizations, and social service providers); Penn faculty; and selected students.   

Each Global Innovation Workshop advances thinking and policy ideas on a set of related topics.  Topics have included Emerging Technologies and Global Politics; Advancing the New Urban Agenda in a Shifting World; The Future of International Law and International Relations; and the U.S., China and International Law. Following each workshop, a summary document is typically shared with participants, the broader Penn faculty community, and the growing audience that accesses Perry World House knowledge products online.