COVID-19 Related Travel Petitions Procedures

Travel petitions will be reviewed by Penn’s Committee on Travel Risk Assessment (CTRA) in collaboration with the School or Center of the person submitting the petition. CTRA is comprised of members from across the University community, specifically Global Support Services, Risk Management, the Office of Research Services and Wellness/Student Health Service. CTRA will consult with external and campus experts on specific requests as needed. Travelers are asked to submit their petitions for travel early as possible. CTRA is committed to reviewing petitions quickly and will respond within one week with an answer or request for more information.

REMINDER, Essential travel is:

  1. Travel that must be performed at the time in question AND 
  2. Travel whose goal cannot be accomplished through another means
COVID-19 Liability Forms

If you are authorized to travel to a location in the “Suspended” (red) or “Restricted” (blue) stage, then you will be asked to sign this Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability form. Email your completed form to: