This page and provided links are for general guidance and procedures to ensure any and all travel runs smoothly round trip.

Before You Go!

World Travel is the preferred method to book all travel. Select Penn Global Business Office as your approver when reservations are made. (

World Travel Website

It is Penn Global policy to submit a Travel Notification Form to your director for any travel related to Penn Global activities. Each form below will be routed to your departement director and the business office for review. If any part of your trip includes personal travel, please refer to our policy provided at the bottom of this page and fill out the personal travel section of the form. 

Submit your Travel Notification Form below by selecting your department!

Concur is the University's preferred method of booking travel and submitting expenses.The Below links are step by step guides on how to navigate and utilize this application.

Link to our one page at-a-glance Concur guide that addresses the most common questions regarding Concur expense reports:

Concur One-Page Guide

If you the guide does not answer your questions, please see the below links for addtional troubleshooting:

Click on any of these links below for step by step tutorials

If you need to account for any alcohol on your trip, please refer to our Concur guide and itemize any alcohol using the "Itemize an expense" tutorial above.

Concur Login

Submitting Your Completed Expense Report

Before you submit your report, double check the following:

  • EXCEPTION WARNINGS attempt to fix any exceptions or if they cannot be fixed, provide detail as to why. Do not submit any report with exception warnings without contacting the Business Office.

  • The registration form for all conferences attended

  • Use of Proper Naming Conventions (Date, Conference Name, City)

  • Only one event or trip is submitted per expense report

  • Applicable per diems were listed on the travel form

  • Any alcohol or non-reimbursable items are itemized and correct worksheet is attached

  • Detailed and itemized receipts are attached for all expenses

Penn Global staff is reimbursed for the tips for meals, transportation, and hotel workers when the tips are in accordance with accepted tipping standards. Tipping is generally not required for business meeting delivery. No tip should be given if a delivery fee is charged. If a tip is given, it is not to exceed $10.00.

Tipping Standards: 15-20% for meals and transportation; $1 - $2 for hotel workers

Penn Global's preferred method of booking train tickets is via Procard.

Provide your notes for any Amtrak purchase in your JP Morgan PaymentNet account before Thursday of each week.

Train tickets may be booked through World Travel, but there is a 3rd party fee charged when booking through Concur. Amtrak tickets CAN be purchased without an extra fee on by either the Travel Card or the Pcard, which card used is up to departmental discretion.

If adding any personal travel to a business trip, first and foremost, it must be detailed on the submitted Travel Request Form. The PG Business Office must have the beginning and ending dates for the personal portion of the travel.

When booking a business trip with a personal vacation built in there are two options for purchasing an airline ticket:

Direct Bill 

You may direct bill the airfare portion of your trip by booking in Concur or with World Travel.  If your itinerary includes flights that are for personal vacation, such as a side trip to another city/country, you will be responsible for submitting a check to the University for the expense associated with that part of the flight itinerary.  

  1. On day of booking, print the booked itinerary with its cost that includes extra stops.

  2. On day of booking, print the flight and associated cost if the additional stops were not added.  This should be the least logical airfare for that business related flight.

  3. Write a check to The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania for the difference in cost, provide both itineraries and submit to your Business Office for deposit.


Penn Travel Card or Personal Credit Card

You may book the entire trip on a credit card.  You will then file an expense report for reimbursement.  Steps:

  1. On day of booking, print the booked itinerary with its cost that includes extra stops.

  2. On day of booking, print the flight and associated cost if the additional stops were not added.  This should be the least logical airfare for that business-related flight.

  3. In your Concur expense report, select Airfare as the expense type and enter the entire amount of the itinerary that was ticketed.

  4. Select Itemize and enter Airfare for the reimbursable portion of the flight, and enter Non-Reimbursable for the personal portion of that flight.  The Non-Reimbursable portion will be the difference better the two business-related flight and the flight with the personal portion included.

  5. Note:  Any flight charges and fees associated with ANY flight changes are considered non-reimbursable unless the change was made upon Penn’s request.


When Traveling with Family

Whenever possible, use a personal credit card (not the Penn Travel Card) for family expenses such as meals and transportation. 

IMPORTANT:  In all cases, if family is accompanying the Penn individual on the trip, their airline tickets must be purchased using a personal credit card.  Neither the direct bill nor the Penn Travel Card are acceptable forms of payment for family airline tickets.

If the Penn Travel Card is used for any expenses that include the family, such as a meal, the traveler is required to:

  1. Enter the total amount of the expense on the line item in Concur.

  2. Itemize the expense line item in Concur with the reimbursable portion being the expense incurred by the business traveler and the non-reimbursable portion being the remainder of the cost.

  3. Pay the credit card directly and promptly for any non-reimbursable expenses put on the card.