Paying Students Abroad

Payments to Graduate Students Abroad

From time to time, it may be necessary for graduate students to conduct research or other academic activities outside the U.S.

Departmental business administrators should refer to the Guide to Graduate Student Appointments for detailed guidance on managing graduate student appointments.

Educational Fellowship Recipients and Pre-Doctoral Trainees may continue to receive non-service stipends if they are outside the U.S. Note that students must complete the I-9 process in person in the U.S. prior to departure and have a U.S. bank account to receive funds. Departmental administrators must adhere to the Graduate Student Stipend Structure in Workday, and follow the established process to create the appropriate role in Workday.

Graduate students in roles such as Research Fellows, Research Assistants, Teaching Fellows, and Teaching Assistants may need to complete research or other academic activities abroad. Academic activities may be performed outside the U.S. only when there is a documented need for travel to that location (e.g. fieldwork) for specific time period. Remote work on behalf of Penn, including remote teaching, should not be approved outside the U.S.

Prior to embarking on any travel or work abroad, graduate students should ensure that they have obtained an appropriate visa for their planned activities in the host country, and have reviewed Penn's International Travel Guidance.

Payments to Undergraduate Students Abroad

Undergraduate student workers may only receive service payments for work performed in the United States. Undergraduates may not work remotely for Penn from overseas at any time.

For more information on payments to students, visit SRFS Student Payment Policies.