Penn Outside Legal Counsel Program

There is a fee schedule that applies to PR requests and O-1 requests.

In an effort to serve the University more efficiently and effectively, ISSS and the Office of the Senior Vice President and General Counsel (OGC) are introducing a new policy under which outside immigration counsel will be available to process certain employment-based PR and O-1 petitions.

ISSS strives to maintain a level of service that is efficient and is of high quality. ISSS will also continue to provide regular education and training on immigration matters to hiring units. Because the volume of immigration applications has increased in recent years, ISSS and the OGC have concluded that it would be beneficial to provide Penn departments with options for handling certain employment-based PR and O-1 applications.

So that we may continue to meet departmental expectations and maintain excellent quality of service, ISSS and OGC have selected the following firms (in alphabetical order) to provide certain types of immigration services as a complement to the services of ISSS:

Please note: only the above-mentioned firms will be able to represent Penn in certain immigration proceedings, unless determined otherwise by ISSS or OGC.

The retained outside immigration counsel will be able to assist the Penn departments including the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) with the following types of immigration cases:

  • PR applications which are not processed by ISSS staff or cannot be processed by ISSS staff due to time constraints or unusual circumstances

  • O-1 Person of Extraordinary Ability petitions

ISSS will continue to process permanent residency applications for teaching faculty members.

  • In addition, ISSS will be your first stop for any PR and O-1 requests that will be filed on behalf of Penn. This includes those cases handled by outside immigration counsel in an effort to maintain the quality and accuracy of applications.

  • Since ISSS has expertise in immigration and related institutional matters, ISSS will screen the applications prepared by the authorized outside immigration counsel to make sure that each application accurately represents the University.

  • Please note that only ISSS is authorized to sign any immigration-related applications representing the University.