Sprintax Open Tax Webinars for Tax Season 2021
Various Times

ISSS partners with Sprintax to offer tax preparation services to Penn's international student and scholar communities. The webinars listed below are open to all international students, scholars, and employees and will provide an overview of topics such as: 

  • Who must file taxes for the 2021 tax season 
  • Tax residency
  • Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax (FICA)
  • State tax returns
  • Implications of misfiling taxes
  • How to use Sprintax to prepare a compliant tax return
  • Tax liabilities when on OPT/CPT and pre-employment tax forms when on OPT/CPT (December 14 and January 18)

Register for one of Sprintax's webinars using the links below: 


Date Time Registration Link
January 26 1:00PM ET Register for January 26 (1:00PM ET)
February 8 2:00PM ET Register for February 8 (2:00PM ET)
March 1 2:00PM ET Register for March 1 (2:00PM ET)
March 14 3:00PM ET Register for March 14 (3:00PM ET)
March 22 2:00PM ET Register for March 22 (2:00PM ET)
March 31 12:00PM ET Register for March 31 (12:00PM ET)
April 5 1:00PM ET Register for April 5 (1:00PM ET)
April 11 12:00PM ET Register for April 11 (12:00PM ET)
April 14 1:00PM ET Register for April 14 (1:00PM ET)