The purpose of the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) is to provide feedback and recommendations to ISSS with regards to its programs and services. ISAB serves an important role in helping ISSS with producing effective and successful programing. Student Board members will also give feedback to other Penn units upon request. ISAB is composed of:

  • Undergraduate and graduate international students
  • International student appointees of the Director of the ISSS
  • A staff member of the International Student and Scholar Services
  • Additional individuals from the University may attend as invited guests
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This section will show you: How to Apply, Terms of Board Service, Highlights of Participation, and Leadership Experience.

How to Apply

If you are committed to furthering campus internationalization at Penn and would like to serve on ISAB, we invite all international students (undergraduate and graduate students) to apply for board membership. Applications are accepted immediately during early Fall semester of every year and are reviewed as they are received. Interviews are conducted after the posted application deadline. A limited number of applicants are selected as board members. All participants will be awarded a certificate during a spring dinner at the end of the academic year. Regular attendance and participation is required so please make sure that you can commit the time before submitting your application.

Applications are no longer being accepted.

Terms of Board Service

A term is one academic year, however members may return for succeeding years. Regular participation in the board's activities is essential and expected in order to be effective. Agendas and minutes will be posted on the ISSS website for all to view, including any presentations or proposals presented to the group. ISAB will decide whether or not to convene at least one open forum per year to discuss international community issues or to seek other venues for community input.

Highlights of Participation

Members of the International Student Advisory Board attend meetings during the Fall and Spring semesters; share their questions, concerns and ideas with Penn administrators (International Partners Outreach Group) twice a year; and then communicate with their fellow students about the Board's role at Penn by allowing University officials to engage in dialogue with students about their experiences on campus and about their ideas for improving our campus atmosphere for international students. This dialogue is valuable to our ongoing efforts to create a climate on campus conducive to international educational exchange.

  • Members will be expected to meet on a weekly basis throughout the academic year. A typical meeting wil last less than an hour.
  • Board members will be required to communicate regularly with other international students and Penn administrators in between meetings 
  • Presentations to Penn administrators during IPOG meetings will also be conducted by ISAB members

Leadership Experience

ISAB chairs and subcommittee chairs are elected by ISAB members. Every Spring semester, members vote for ISAB co-chairs (one undergraduate chair and one graduate chair). Also, the ISSS director and the co-chairs also appoint subcommittee chairs. Leaders of nationality clubs and groups are encouraged to recruit a member of their student association in order to create a broad representation and communication amongst the various national communities on campus. Undergraduate Assembly, GAPSA and Assembly of International Students are also represented on ISAB.