F-1 OPT Reporting Requirements

OPT reporting should be done by submitting the "OPT Reporting" e-form in iPenn.


Access iPenn Here


Students on OPT are required to report any of the following changes, within 10 days, to ISSS:

  • Change in name

  • Change in address

  • Beginning of employment

  • Interruption of employment


This e-form should be used to report or submit the following:

  • A scanned copy of your EAD card upon receipt from USCIS

  • New employment

  • Changes to employment (including ending employment)

  • Changes to your legal name

  • Changes to your F-1 immigration status (for example: no longer in the US/do not plan to use OPT, changed status/no longer in F-1 status, received permanent residency)