Penn Global Student Citizenship Award

Penn Global is committed to honoring international students who have prioritized global engagement by bringing the world to Penn and Penn to the world. The Penn Global Student Citizenship Award is presented to a graduating international student who has best exemplified a spirit of global citizenship during their time at Penn. One undergraduate and one graduate student are selected as recipients of the award.

2020 Winners
Undergraduate Winner
Melisande McLaughlin

A Canadian citizen who grew up in Thailand, Melisande McLaughlin (College; BA, Cinema and Media Studies) is passionate about using film as a medium for generating social impact. She has played a key role in executing a number of film projects that have had tangible impact on communities worldwide, including a documentary about life at Kenya's Kakuma Refugee Camp that has been used by the UN to educate thousands of new arrivals to the camp.

Graduate Winner
Anthony Gokianluy

A native of the Philippines, Anthony Gokianluy (Wharton) has been a tireless advocate for cultural diversity and international student integration on Penn’s campus. During his time at Penn, he served as the Vice President for International of the Wharton Graduate Association and a leader of Wharton’s Southeast Asia Club. He is also the founder and CEO of a startup that helps international students achieve their academic and professional goals. 

2020 Honorable Mentions
2020 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Arya Akal

Arya Akal graduates with a BA in Economics from the School of Arts and Sciences. Arya developed a drive for creating social impact during her childhood in Trinidad and Tobago. At Penn, she was heavily involved in Penn Engineers Without Borders as the organization's Vice President of International Projects and as the leader of service trips to Guatemala in 2018 and 2019. She also volunteered as a tennis coach for autistic children, held fundraisers to benefit refugee communities, and interned with the Robin Hood Foundation in New York City.

2020 Graduate Honorable Mention
Handerson Mwandembo

As a Wharton MBA candidate, Handerson Mwandembo served as the Graduate Chair of the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB), acting as a liaison between Penn's international graduate student community and University administrators. A member of the Wharton Africa Students Association (WASA), he helped organize the 27th-annual Wharton Africa Business Forum, and in Spring 2019, he led a group of 40 MBA students to Ethiopia and his home country of Kenya as part of the Global Immersion Program.

2020 Finalists
2020 Undergraduate Finalist
Ransford Antwi

Ransford Antwi graduates with a BSE in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. A native of Ghana, he served as the President of Penn's Society for African Internationals and played a key role in orchestrating events such as the Penn Africa Summit. He was also a Perry World House Student Fellow in the 2019-20 academic year and a Wharton India Fellow in 2018-19.

2020 Undergraduate Finalist
Louis Charles Davis

A first-generation student from Jamaica, Louis Charles Davis served as the Social Media Chair and Public Relations Officer of the Caribbean-American Student Association (CASA) since his freshman year at Penn, overseeing the organization's growth from 30 to over 250 student members. While pursuing a BA in Communication at the Annenberg School, he was also a Residential Advisor at Kings Court English College House, where he was "instrumental in helping create a culture of learning and self-help," according to House Dean Dr. Krimo Bokreta.

2020 Graduate Finalist
Sam Lin

After graduating from the University of Missouri, Sam Lin returned to his home country of China to found an education consultancy that provides mentorship services to students who aspire to study in the United States and promotes cross-cultural awareness. As a student of the Graduate School of Education's Education Entrepreneurship Program, he initiated a number of collaborations with Chinese educators and entrepreneurs to promote technological innovation in education. Sam states that his mission is to "cultivate and empower global citizenship in [his] community through world-class entrepreneurial solutions."

2020 Graduate Finalist
Joo Hyung Park

Joo Hyung Park is pursuing a Master's of Chemical Science in the School of Arts and Sciences. A native of South Korea, he served as the Chair of International Affairs for the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) and the Graduate Vice Chair of the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB). In these roles, he spearheaded various initiatives to enhance the visibility of international student issues on Penn's campus and in the US Congress.


Undergraduate Winner: Liqhwa Ncube

  • Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Adamseged Abebe
  • Undergraduate Honorable Mention: James Goh


Graduate Winner: Macy Fang-Hsuan Chang

  • Graduate Honorable Mention: Christina Cheung
  • Graduate Honorable Mention: Ángeles Ortega Luque



Undergraduate Winner: Mariana Repsold França

Graduate Winner: Mahvish Ilyas



Undergraduate Winner: Mitchelle Matesva

Graduate Winner: Jenny Qianying Zhang



Winner: Leah Davidson

  • Honorable Mention: Mahalatchmi Subramaniam
  • Honorable Mention: Ting Zhang