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The Penn World Scholars program attracts outstanding students from around the globe and provides them with the foundation for lives as global leaders.PWS Logo R&B

Penn World Scholars come from across the globe to attend any of Penn's four undergraduate schools and major in any academic subject. Penn World Scholars are selected by Penn Admissions based on exceptional leadership potential, academic achievement, financial need, and career plans, among other criteria. They are chosen from among a geographically, linguistically, and culturally diverse pool.

The Penn World Scholar experience at Penn is enhanced by creating opportunities for global engagement beyond the classroom, providing an avenue for global citizenship and leadership. Participants meet with University leaders, international alumni, and distinguished visitors, and they take the lead on organizing events that interest them. As freshmen, they experience Penn's Intercultural Leadership Program and grow their interpersonal and communication skills in a diverse campus community. In their sophomore year, they will explore themes of global leadership in partnership with Penn Global and other campus units. As juniors, they plan for their future personal and professional lives beyond Penn. Finally, during their senior year, they will engage in service and innovation to better communities.  

Penn World Scholars Director
Dr. Rudie Altamirano | Email
Executive Director, International Student and Scholar Services
Executive Director, Immigration & Integration Services

Penn World Scholars Coordinator
Dr. Yuhong He | Email
Associate Director of Integration and Community Engagement
International Student and Scholar Services


Meet the Penn World Scholars

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Valeria and Anh Ngo
Penn World Scholars in the Community: April 2024
Penn World Scholars participate in the Philadelphia Love Run

Penn World Scholars Valeria Germanova (C' 24) and Anh Ngo (C' 24) participated in the Philadelphia Love Run. This annual half marathon, with a distance of 13.1 miles (21.1 kilometers), draws participants from all corners of the globe, offering a challenging yet scenic route through the heart of the city. Valeria and Anh both completed the half marathon race under 2.5 hours. 

Thu Nguyen
Penn World Scholars in the News: January 2024
Penn World Scholar joins the Kleinman Center Undergraduate Seminar Fellowship Program

Penn World Scholar Thu Nguyen (C' 26) was admitted to the Kleinman Center student fellowship program and climate and energy policy seminar series. This selective program provides students various insights in the field including the opportunity to meet and hear from energy researchers.

Carolina Yuka Nakada speaking during the competition
Penn World Scholars in the News: November 2023
Penn World Scholar receives a Gold medal for J.Live Talk

Penn World Scholar Carolina Yuka Nakada (PWS'24) was awarded a Gold medal in J.Live Talk 2023, a college-level Japanese language presentation competition that emphasizes a comprehensive range of learned communication skills. Her presentation was titled, "The Other Side of the World"『世界の反対側』. 

Siobhan Halm-Quagrainie and Penn Netter Center
Penn World Scholars in the News: November 2023
Penn World Scholar participates in a course that helps uplift the West Philadelphia community

Penn World Scholar Siobhan Halm-Quagrainie (C' 26) took part in a new Wharton Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) course, in which students perform tax services for the West Philadelphia community. She shares how she found the class to be a good opportunity for her to explore Philadelphia and learn from volunteers who have been working at VITA for decades.

Yasmine Kettani during her bake sale
Penn World Scholars in the News: September 2023
Penn World Scholar leads a fundraiser for Morocco earthquake relief

Penn World Scholar Yasmine Kettani (C' 26) coordinated fundraising efforts and a bake sale on campus in partnership with Penn Muslim Student Association, the Penn Arab Student Society, Penn Middle East Center, and other student and faculty volunteers. The fundraiser has brought in over $1,400 in donations to support those affected by the recent 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Morocco.

Alejandra Soria Andrade holding up an Ecuador flag
Penn World Scholars in the News: December 2022
Penn World Scholar participates in the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society Conference

Penn World Scholar Alejandra Soria Andrade (PWS'25) traveled to Paris to participate in the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society and represented her home country Ecuador. She shares how this experience enabled her to actively participate in initiatives with significant potential for the development of women in society.

Tathagat Bhatia Headshot
Penn World Scholars in the News: April 2021
Penn World Scholar named a 2021 Gates Cambridge Scholar

Congratulations to Tathagat Bhatia (PWS'21, C'21) on being awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in history and philosophy of science at the University of Cambridge in England!

A photo of all four 2021 Schwarzman Scholars, with Cristina Pogorevici featured in the top left hand corner.
Penn World Scholars in the News: December 2020
Penn World Scholar receives 2021 Schwarzman Scholarship

Penn World Scholar Cristina Pogorevici (PWS'21, W'21) was named as one of four 2021 Schwarzman Scholars to pursue a one-year master’s degree in global affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing. As a Schwarzman Scholar, she says she hopes to learn to drive socioeconomic development by leveling global access to entrepreneurship.

Ondřej Gonzor
Penn World Scholars in the News: December 2020
Penn World Scholar receives a Forbes 30 under 30 title

Congratulations to Ondřej Gonzor (PWS'25, C'25) for being nominated as one of the figures for Czech Forbes 30 under 30 in 2020. With two other classmates, he invented, an application for students to anonymously evaluate their teachers at the end of the lesson and provide feedback. 


Penn World Scholar Alice Cochrane
Penn World Scholars in the News: August 2020
Penn World Scholar brings green, healing spaces to the streets of West Philadelphia

During Summer 2020, Penn World Scholar Alice Cochrane (C' 22) from Harare, Zimbabwe helped design an "urban oasis" at the One Art community center in West Philadelphia. "I think it's architecture's responsibility to create gathering spaces that are responsible, safe, and that allow us to have human interaction," says Alice.

Penn World Scholars in the News: December 2018
A Global Rhodes for Penn

Congratulations to Penn World Scholar Class of 2019, Adam Abebe from Ethiopia, for receiving an inaugural Global Rhodes Scholarship for graduate study at the University of Oxford!

Group photo from Penn World Scholars Reunion fall 2018
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