Penn World Scholars Class of 2020

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Simisola Afolayan

Academic areas of interest: Economics, Law, & International relations.

Activities and interests:I am interested in politics and learning languages and I have a lingering regard for bread as I believe it should be an international symbol of peace.

Future Plans: So far, I do not have exact career plans but I find that I might be well suited for a career in Journalism, Economics, Law or International relations. 

Priya Bhirgoo

Academic areas of interest: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and Entrepreneurship.

Activities and interests: Model United Nations, community service, traveling, hiking, dancing, reading and movies.

Future plans: Improve healthcare through research, set up my own research firm and contribute to the future development of my country.

Catalina Dragoi

Academic Areas of Interest: Politics, Philosophy, Economics, International Relations, Anthropology

Activities and interests: Debating (Mostly within the European Youth Parliament), traveling, writing, reading, listening to music, going to concerts, watching movies, taking photographs, and meeting new people.

Future Plans: Ideally, I would like to work in the UN or NATO, and contribute in one way or another to getting this world as close to universal peace as possible.

Jamaal Hay

Academic Areas of Interest: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence

Activities and interests: Student Government, Golf, Tennis, Public Speaking, Drama

Future Plans: Ideally I wish to work at a company such as Google, Microsoft, or Apple after graduation, or any company which does work in robotics.

El Salvador
Santiago Herrera

Academic Areas of Interest: Finance, entrepreneurship, economics, global analysis, and philosophy.

Activities and interests: Sports, community service, student council, debate, reading, learning, traveling, and trying new foods.

Future plans: Investment banking, start a business, promote economic advancement in under developed nations, and explore the world.

Sylvia Kimwei

Academic Areas of Interest: Nursing Science, Chemistry, Education, and Psychology

Activities and interests: Classical movies, reading novels, and napping.

Future Plans: To be a nurse and start a mental health hospital in Kenya. 

Marko Lamza

Academic areas of interest: Mathematics, finance, and entrepreneurship

Activities and interests: I love public speaking, lacrosse, and traveling.

Future Plans: I plan to start a podcast and teach people how to make money off of something they love.

Halil Memoglu

Academic areas of interest: Computer Science, electrical engineering, business/entrepreneurship, computational linguistics, nanotechnology, mathematics, product design, artificial intelligence.

Activities and Interests: Basketball, soccer, reading, literature, entrepreneurship, global politics, linguistics, design, debate, visual art, fiction writing, programming, puzzles, and robotics.

Future Plans: For the most part, I am an inventor and a storyteller. In the future, I hope to go on being a better inventor and a better storyteller. I will explore what it takes to support and realize the dreams of a world.

Khizrah Naveed

Academic areas of interest: Chemistry and Mathematics

Activities and interests: Parliamentary debates and  public speaking,

Future plans: Continuing public speaking at Penn and to join other student clubs.

Hai Nguyen

Academic areas of interest: Entrepreneurship, History, Finance

Activities and interests: Travelling to see what's happening in the world with my real eyes and then writing about it, soccer, swimming, and starting small businesses.

Future plans: I want to keep traveling to explore current problems around the world, particularly the current immigration and education problems; by my own eyes. I also want to build a business of my own, a restaurant or food shop in particular. I also want to try a career in finance or management as well. Generally, I am very open to new things.

Abdullah Noaman

Academic areas of interest: Physics, quantum physics, math, number theory, philosophy, political science, economics, and business.

Activities and Interests: Scientific research, student government, community service, intercultural communication, publication, and weight lifting.

Future Plans: I aspire to pursue research in physics, specifically in quantum phenomena, and to initiate and participate in ultimate or otherwise constructive solutions to problems in the Middle East.

Mohammad Oulabi

Academic areas of interest: Neuropsychology, Psychiatry, Philosophy, Anthropology, Economics, Politics, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Logic, and Entrepreneurship.

Activities and interests: Debate, MUN, dry humor, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Future Plans: I plan to go to medical school and become a psychiatrist. I then plan to devote much of my time and effort in helping people in developing countries access basic mental health services and combat mental health stigma. Alternative career plans include a career in artificial intelligence.

Priyanshi Pokharna

Academic areas of interest: Architecture, economics, and entrepreneurship.

Activities and interests: Painting and other forms of visual art, community service (teaching underprivileged children), Model UN, exploring music across genres, writing and reading poetry (especially Mary Oliver's), jogging, solving puzzles, and designing Android apps.

Future plans: To be a socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneur, excel in my field and contribute to research in sustainable architecture.

Arundhati Singh

Academic areas of interest: Everything

Activities and Interests: Reading, debate, film, technology, philosophy.