Penn World Scholars Class of 2021

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Farah Abdelrahim
Farah Abdelrahim

Academic areas of interest: Economics, international relations, political science, law, and chemistry

Activities and interests: Fashion designing, playing the piano, reading, event organization, dancing, and debating

Future plans: Either going back to Egypt to help develop its economy through efficiently using underutilized resources, or possibly pursuing a career in the United Nations.

Tathagat Bhatia
Tathagat Bhatia

Academic areas of interest: Philosophy, Mathematics, Cognitive science, and Logic

Activities and interests: Volunteering for environmental and LGBT+ causes, learning Russian, film, music, and comic art

Future plans: Understand how my academic interests fit with each other and how they can be used to effect change in society. I look forward to a career either in research or consultancy. 

Beverlye Gedeon
Beverlye Gedeon

Academic areas of interest: Economics; Capital Markets; Business/ Entrepreneurship; Public Policy; Research; Mathematics; International Development  

Activities and interests: Minority Advocacy; Women Empowerment; Caribbean, African & African-American Cultures; Foreign languages; Community Service

Future plans: I look forward to leveraging all my professional and personal experiences to return to my home country and work closely with the government to make the business environment more efficient. Hopefully, these contributions will boost economic growth.

Kamel Kamour
Libya / Morocco
Kamel Kamour

Academic Areas: Huntsman Program in Business and International Studies

Activities and Interests: Tennis, water sports and philosophy of politics. On campus, I am currently involved with the Huntsman Student Advisory Board and with the Wharton Global Research and Consulting club. I also conduct research with the MBA Lauder Institute on petro-states revenue diversification.

Future Plans: To lead a career in state financial institutions (sovereign wealth funds), to reclaim justice and legal order in Libya and elevate its international economic position. 

Greis Kapexhiu
Greis Kapexhiu

Academic areas of interest:Natural Sciences, Public Health, Economics, Business, Geopolitics, Foreign Languages.

Activities and interests:Entrepreneurship, volunteering, counseling, skiing, music, Russian literature.

Future plans: I aspire to dedicate my career to significantly improving the global healthcare system for all the citizens in this world. I believe that we all have the right to live a healthy and happy life with the people we love and I want to be that somebody who people will remember for being devoted to making the world a better place.

Meri Kavtelishvili
Meri Kavtelishvili

Academic areas of interest: Physics, Economics, Gender Studies

Activities and interests: Social activism, volunteering, research, entrepreneurship

Future plans: I plan to become a physicist, and along with doing research, I will devote my time and energy to empowering girls and women to pursue science fields.

Alex Kempf
Alexander Kempf

Academic areas of interest: I'm currently studying Computer Science and Business Management. However, I also find molecular biology and political sciences to be very interesting fields of study.

Activities and interests: Drumming, cooking, traveling, learning languages, reading and learning about politics.

Future plans: Not sure yet! I'd love to work on my own venture, using tech and some other interesting industry such as biology or fashion, but can't yet say if I'll manage to do so. Later in life, I'd also like to get into politics and policy making. Working in fashion could also be cool - or becoming a chef! Besides work, I'd enjoy learning more languages properly, and the real "future plan" is simple - just be happy.

Daria Kulakova
Daria Kulakova

Academic areas of interest: Neuroscience( esp. decision-making process), Abnormal Psychology, Biology, Classical Music.

Activities and interests: Playing the piano, reading, running, going to the gym, volunteering, traveling, learning new languages.

Future plans: I'm extremely interested in studying self-harming behaviors and other mental disorders. Integrating Psychology and Neuroscience, I aspire to explore the underlying causes of the diseases and hope to make my contribution to the development of these sciences. Additionally, I'm eager to create a network of volunteers who will travel to Cambodia and assist children with their studies.

Yan Li
Yan Li

Academic areas of interest: Electrical Engineering and Business Innovation (with considerable interest in Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Design)

Activities and interests: Tennis, running, violin, tinkering, Olympiad competitions, Model UN, organizing clubs/events, exploring, volunteering, and mentoring

Future plans: I have always been enthusiastic about entrepreneurship as well as environmental sustainability/renewability, cutting-edge tech, research, poverty reduction, and various other social concerns " I aspire to one day create a start-up of my own, encompassing all of my passions and interests, to ultimately deliver a positive impact on society and the world at large.

Lloyd Maodzeka
Lloyd Maodzeka

Academic areas of interest: Computer Engineering, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Mathematics, Ancient History, Psychology, Musicology and Entrepreneurship.

Activities and interests: Rugby, Chess, Robotics, 3D Simulation and Virtual Reality, Debate, Soccer, Camping, Ancient Art and History, Hiking and 'making things'.

Future plans: Major in Computer engineering and minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. Invent, innovate and implement. Start a business with an engineering or more generally technology basis, then grow and develop it. My ultimate goal is to be happy and explore the world.

ISAB Image of Mohammad Oulabi
Mohammad Oulabi

Academic areas of interest: Neuropsychology, Psychiatry, Philosophy, Anthropology, Economics, Politics, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Logic, and Entrepreneurship.

Activities and interests: Debate, MUN, dry humor, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Future Plans: I plan to go to medical school and become a psychiatrist. I then plan to devote much of my time and effort in helping people in developing countries access basic mental health services and combat mental health stigma. Alternative career plans include a career in artificial intelligence.

Cristina Pogorevici
Cristina Pogorevici

Academic areas of interest: Concentrating in Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics in Wharton as well as pursuing a Minor in Urban Studies

Activities and interests: Generally: Travel, Social Impact, Community Service, Specialty Coffee, Dance. On campus actively involved in Wharton Council, Wharton Ambassadors, Greek Life, several Entrepreneurship clubs and initiatives, ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art).

Future plans: Founding a successful business with great social impact.

Hyacinthe Uwizera
Hyacinthe Uwizera

Academic areas of interest: Electrical and Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Mechatronics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and Psychology.

Activities and interests: Dance, Pray, Community Service, and Photography.

Future plans: Basically, make the world a better place. I just want to use my education to help the undeserved, and everyone. I think that after my studies, I will go back to my country make a change, and from there go from place to place making an impact.