Penn World Scholars Class of 2022

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Lora Assi

Academic areas of interest: I am currently interested in biology, neurobiology, mechanisms of disease, chemistry, and Spanish.

Activities and interests: I enjoy being involved in Model UN, debating, organizing conferences, playing basketball, spending quality time with my friends and family, and trying new foods (and caffeinated drinks!) 

Future Plans: In the future, I hope to become a world-renowned surgeon and help reform healthcare (both mental and physical) in Palestine and around the world. 

Selene Bonczok Sotelo

Academic areas of interest: Political Science, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Sociology, Middle Eastern Studies, Latin American Politics, Philosophy

Activities and interests: Model UN, Model Congress, Arabic, Debate, Volunteering, Writing, Photography, Cinema, Drama, Improvisation

Future plans: I plan to pursue a career in Diplomacy or Politics.

Alice Cochrane

Academic areas of interest: Architecture, Urban Studies, Writing

Activities and Interests: I love swimming and am a part of the water polo team at Penn. I am also involved in the Christian Union and the Society for African Internationals at Penn. 

Future plans: To return one day to Zimbabwe and use whatever I study to be a part of the much-needed change in the country. 

Adam Hano

Academic Areas: Physics, Computer Science, Politics

Activities and Interests: Sailing Club, Entrepreneurship

Future Plans: My future plans are to engage in innovative technology development. I would also like to become politically active.

Aydin Imranov

Academic areas of interest: Computer Science, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Finance, and Economics.

Activities and interests: Soccer, digital design, research, reading, entrepreneurship, volunteering, mentoring and traveling.

Future plans: I am planning to popularize the field of engineering, especially robotics, in Azerbaijan and other developing countries. My ultimate goal is to have a positive social impact, either through mentoring or founding a business. 

Mija Jovchevska

Academic Areas: I am studying Biochemistry and Biophysics as part of the Vagelos Program for Molecular Life Sciences.

Activities and Interests: Besides the natural sciences, I'm also involved with the Penn Taekwondo Club, but would like to get involved with the Special Olympics Club as well. 

Future plans: After I graduate from Penn, I would like to go to graduate school, and then work as a scientist either in academia or industry.

Hussein Khambhalia

Areas of interest: Computer engineering, computer science, energy, agriculture, and finance.

Activities and interests: Playing sports (football, squash, tennis, ping pong , and badminton), travelling and adventure, watersports, fishing, etc.

Future plans: I would like to go back to my country and develop new technologies to make life simpler for my fellow citizens. Agri-tech, fintech, and many more new technologies like blockchain can be implemented in Africa to make lives better.

Damian Krupa

Academic areas of interest: Computer Science, Machine Learning, Cognitive Science (Artificial Intelligence, Psychology), Business/Entrepreneurship

Activities and interests: Programming, creating products (i.e. games, self-development courses), entrepreneurship, leadership, teaching and mentorship, psychology/self-development, trading, chess, social deduction games.

Future plans: I desire to be one of the main contributors to the development and commercialization of fully intelligent machines.

Gloria Mpundu

Academic areas of interest: Health sciences and foreign languages.

Activities and interests: Community service, tutoring, travelling, music, intercultural engagement.

Future plans: I hope to work with NGO’s committed to improve global health care to serve underprivileged communities. 

Emmanuel Murerwa

Academic areas of interests: Computer Science, Chemistry, Accounting, Economics

Activities and interests: Soccer, Music, Cricket, Entrepreneurship, Learning new things

Future plans: I want to impact the world through my career.

Artem Palyanychko

Academic areas of interest: Huntsman Program in Business and International Studies

Activities and interests: In my free time, I enjoy having meaningful experiences. I am currently undergoing a teller internship at SFCU and participate in club activities such as Wharton Investment and Trading Group and Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital club. I enjoy reading and exploring multi-disciplinary topics, playing sports with friends at Pottruck and going out.

Future plans: I have always been keen to learn how things function and are built. Now that I’m exploring interests in a new academic setting, I’m figuring out how successful organizations and companies are built with the help of instruments like investing, to facilitate a construction of something big on my own.

Alejandro Scelfo

Academic areas of interest: Politics, Economics, Philosophy, and International Relations

Activities and interests: Music, Rugby, Art, Cooking, Physics, Rhetoric

Future plans: I plan to be involved in international politics and economic development.

Thulo Serobe

Academic Areas of Interest: Finance and Computer Science

Activities and interests: Forex trading, reading, creative writing, online courses, hanging out with friends, running, gym, finding "gem" restaurants in the most unexpected places.

Future plans: I plan to be a tech entrepreneur with a truly global impact. I intend to try to solve some of the biggest problems faced by countries around the world using the great potential, scalability, and low barriers to entry that technology provides.

Emilia Soto Aguayo

Academic areas of interest: Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Science

Activities and interests: Visual Arts, Graphics and Video Game Design

Future plans: I hope to work for an international tech company that makes advances affordable for other countries, get a master’s degree, and innovate.

Mohamed Amine Soufaih

Academic areas of interest: Finance, CS, Systems Engineering and Data Science.

Activities and interests: I am part of the Arab Student Society and the Society of African Internationals at Penn. I also enjoy swimming and going to the gym.

Future plans: I am still exploring different career pathways in business, tech and entrepreneurship. 

Misheel Soyol-Erdene

Academic areas of interest: International Relations, Political Science, Economics and Communications

Activities and interests: Art, drawing, doodling, designing, video-making, watching movies, debating, running, long walks, exploring, travelling, playing sports, learning different languages, trying out different kinds of food and napping.

Future plans: I want to spend the next few years discovering more of myself and how I can contribute my capabilities and potential to help the world in general. More specifically, even though it’s not fully decided, I want to pursue a path in International Relations to eventually be able to strengthen global cooperation especially for developing countries.

Mariana Velasco

Academic areas of interest: business, economics, international studies, political science, public policy, philosophy, history, accounting, management, Russian studies, French studies. 

Activities and interests: learning foreign languages, traveling, watching movies, reading, getting coffee, writing, learning about globalization and World History, listening to podcasts, meeting new people.

Future plans: I want to become an international leader and citizen, serve my country, and travel all around the world.