Penn World Scholars Class of 2023



Enzo Bergamo
Enzo Bergamo

Academic areas of interest:
I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at SEAS. In addition, I am interested in Data Science and its applications in different contexts.

Activities and interests:
I am a current member of the Penn’s fencing team; I am truly passionate about this sport and have been a fencer for 10 years. I also enjoy trying new foods and exploring new places to eat!

Future Plans:
I plan on following a career as a Data Scientist and obtaining a Master’s Degree. Most importantly, I hope to use the skills that I am learning at Penn to make a positive impact in my home country.

Ruth Ergete
Ruth Ergete

Academic areas of interest: Even though I am currently undecided on what major I am going to pursue, the areas that interest me are all things related to math, psychology, various disciplines of neuroscience, and I’m hoping to find interest in computer science!

Activities and interests: I like to read about new things, learn about the different  languages in my home country( Ethiopia has more than 80!), participate in volunteering activities. I also really enjoy listening to music, acting, and I absolutely love cooking traditional food.

Future Plans: I wish to end up doing something that will not only be beneficial to me, but will also have an impact in the community. Moreover, I wish to be involved in doing work in non-profit organizations, namely orphanages in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole.

Mario Ferre
Mario Ferre

Academic areas of interest: Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, Automation technology, Engineering Design, Computer Science, History of Science and Technology, Materials Science.


Activities and interests: Photography, Robotics, Contemporary Art, Calligraphy, Poetry, Reading, Running, Espressos, Traveling, Debating, Playing the Ukulele.


Future Plans: I hope to work in the Aerospace Sector, contributing to humanity's next great endeavor: Occupying Mars.

Victoria Fethke
Victoria Fethke

Academic areas of interest: Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Mechanical Engineering, Philosophy


Activities and interests: Environmental activism, designing miniature F1 cars, robotics, research, community service, mentoring, playing the piano, photography, learning languages, card tricks, and kick-boxing.


Future Plans: I want to become a physicist and be involved in unveiling mysteries in cosmology, high energy physics, and/or nuclear physics. Moreover, I desire to continue having an impact in my community by leading sustainability efforts.

Martins Gatavins
Martins Gatavins

Academic areas of interest: I am currently interested in social neuroscience, multidisciplinary perspectives on human behavior and empathy (psychology, philosophy, anthropology, literature, neuroscience), mental health, and social networks and structures.

Activities and interests: Watching artsy movies, observing art (sometimes also participating in the creative process), getting involved in community development, thrifting for the most quirky clothing one can find and exploring interesting areas of Philadelphia

Future Plans: I hope to become a leading psychiatrist-scientist and integrate clinical perspectives, natural science, social sciences, and humanities as a means of developing better mental healthcare, organisational management, and perhaps even public and social policy.

Adam Hano
Adam Hano

Academic Areas: Physics, Computer Science, Politics

Activities and Interests: Sailing Club, Entrepreneurship

Future Plans: My future plans are to engage in innovative technology development. I would also like to become politically active.

Kathryn Lord
Kathryn Lord

Academic areas of interest: Business Economics and Public Policy (BEPP), Psychology, Finance, Political Science, French Studies, International Relations.

Activities and Interests: Singing/songwriting, volunteering, reading on the beach, sports, trying different types of food and taking naps at the wrong times.

Future Plans: After graduate school, I plan to return to my home country and spearhead a sort of evolution in the policy development structure, in order to reduce corruption and ensure economic growth. I also see myself experimenting with social entrepreneurship to contribute to my country's economy in a more tangible way.

Sarah Musa
Sarah Musa

Academic areas of interest: I am currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering and I am interested in robotics, energy, finance and environmental sciences.

Activities and interests: I enjoy playing tennis, swimming, reading, hanging out with friends, binge watching TV shows and traveling.

Future Plans: I hope to help make a change in the world especially in Sudan and countries like Sudan.

Maksym Potlov
Maksym Potlov

Academic areas of interest: Nursing, Health Care Management, Public health, Psychology, Foreign languages. 

Activities and Interests: Tennis, Soccer, Travelling, Reading, Watching movies, Music, Wellness.

Future Plans: In the future, I want to come back to Ukraine and make changes in the health care system.

Sauda Salim
Sauda Salim

Academic areas of interest: I am interested in International Relations, War and the Refugee Crisis, Biology, and Psychology. 

Activities and Interests: Poetry, Arabic, Cooking, Literature, Public Speaking and MUN. I also enjoy meeting new people and learning new things from people I already know. 

Future Plans: I hope to work for an NGO committed to working with displaced citizens and refugees from all around the world. 

Pedro Saltos Montenegro
Pedro Javier Saltos Montenegro

Academic areas of interest: Economics, Finance, Management, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

 Activities and interests: Learning from different perspectives, Community service, playing sports, taking pictures, playing the guitar, meeting new people, singing, tutoring, reading, traveling, debating, volunteering, social entrepreneurship, spending time with friends and family. 

 Future Plans: Grow academically and personally until I can share my knowledge with the world directly and indirectly through entrepreneurship, social work, foundations, and projects. I hope that one day either from the private sector with a company, which generates decent and well-paid jobs or from the public sector, fighting and creating new transparent policies that favor general economic growth and reduce social inequality, make the world a better, fairer and more balanced place.

Amelia Sharpe
Amelia Sharpe

Academic areas of interest: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Fine Arts, French Studies

Activities and interests: Robotics, photography, videography, editing, animation, design, cameras, entrepreneurship, playing tennis, swimming, board & card games, cartoons, movies, comic books, playing with animals, traveling

Future Plans: To use my passion to innovate at the intersection of engineering and art. To create STEM education programs to teach underprivileged children to be critical thinkers and innovators. 

Ayana Shirai
Ayana Shirai

Academic Areas of Interest: Nursing, Public Health, Health Economics, Philosophy, Epidemiology, and many others

Activities and interests: Reading, Watching Performing Arts (Especially Classical Music, Dance, Theatre), Brewing and Drinking Coffee

Future plans: I do not like planning everything ahead for the unpredictable future. However, I would be happy if I could do anything aligned with my valuing health and its universality amongst all humans.