Penn World Scholars Class of 2024

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    Mustafa Bayramli
    Mustafa Bayramli

    Academic areas of interest: I will be spending my next 4 years studying International Relations and Economics as part of the Huntsman Program at Penn.

    Personal interests and hobbies: Debating, Data Analysis, Personal Finance, Traveling, Basketball, Mixed Martial Arts, Environmental Advocacy

    Future plans: After the completion of my undergraduate studies at Penn, I would like to pursue a Master's degree in Economics/Business Administration for a much deeper understanding of the field and, eventually, make a big positive impact on the economic sector of my home country, Azerbaijan.

    Diane Byukusenge
    Diane Byukusenge

    Academic areas of interest: I am currently majoring in nursing. I am also planning on taking a minor in global health. I love learning about different social factors that affect health.

    Personal interests and hobbies: I am interested in exploring different cultures and languages. I also love reading, tutoring and jogging.

    Future plans: I am planning on participating in various global health research, exploring different social, cultural and political  factors that affect health. I also want to participate in different community services around campus.

    Mohammed Elnasir Eltigani Osman Abaker
    Mohamed Elnasir Eltigani Osman Abaker

    Academic areas of interest: I am studying at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I am planning to major in computer science. I am also interested in Science, Technology, and Society.

    Personal interests and hobbies: Soccer, gaming, programming, Robotics, learning about different languages, and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds.

    Future plans: I hope to improve the Healthcare system in Sudan by introducing machine learning techniques in diagnosing, epidemic prediction, and more.

    Vali Germanova
    Valeria Germanova

    Academic areas of interest: Business - especially Marketing & Business Analytics (these are my intended concentrations at the moment)

    Personal interests and hobbies: I love playing tennis, taking photos, reading non-fiction books, listening to good music, and spending time in nature.

    Future plans: While I'm still not sure what my dream career path is, I hope I'll be able to take full advantage of the various educational (and extracurricular) opportunities at Penn. To be honest, I see myself as a bright business lady in a buzzing marketing company, working on different and exciting projects, collaborating with a motivated team, and making a positive impact on the community, in one way or another.

    Luke Gooding
    Trinidad & Tobago
    Luke Gooding

    Academic areas of interest: I have always been fascinated by the natural sciences, particularly Chemistry, yet it has always irked me that I am always learning 'what' to think, not 'how' to think. For this reason, I am drawn to Philosophy, at first as a hobby, but now as a critical piece of my future.

    Personal interests and hobbies: My Trini nature loves a good 'lime' and some quality music, whether it comes from my family band or my headphones on full blast. I am currently a teacher, podcaster, videographer, and social media marketer.

    Future plans: Reformation of Trinidad and Tobago's education system is a high priority for me, as I think we need to focus on producing more independent and critical thinkers. I am yet to flesh out a title for my future career but I see myself as a sociopolitical commentator or a teacher.

    Grace Holden
    United Kingdom
    Grace Holden

    Academic areas of interest: I'm really interested in exploring International Relations, Sociology, Mathematics and French at Penn.

    Personal interests and hobbies: I'm interested in activism and social justice. I also like sewing and up-cycling clothes, cooking, reading and discovering new places to eat in my home town, Birmingham. I also love music and musical theatre.

    Future plans: I would love to pursue graduate education and continue learning for as long as possible. It's hard to say what career I envision myself in, however I know I am interested in working for non-profit organisations. I would love to work to improve women's access to education all over the world.

    Ahmed Laban
    Ahmed Laban

    Academic areas of interest: Economics, Political Science, Computer Science

    Personal interests and hobbies: Bodybuilding, debating, politics, cycling, stocks

    Future plans: I envision myself working in economics, computer science, or maybe in a field that combines both of these things (financial engineering). I aspire to eventually start my own business. As for my non-professional plans, I wish to positively impact my community and bring about much needed social and political change. I believe it is my responsibility as a global citizen--and as a human being--to actively call for and pave the path for a better world: one that is free of war and misery, one in which every person is treated equally and justly and not on the basis of race, sex, nationality, or religion.

    Yuka Nakada
    Carolina Yuka Nakada

    Academic areas of interest: I am currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a Robotics concentration. I am also very passionate about education and foreign cultures!

    Personal interests and hobbies: Learning foreign languages and cultures; playing video games; reading; playing chess; getting involved in community service; robotics; women empowerment.

    Future plans: I intend to participate in robotics research to learn how technology can improve education quality and promote equality of opportunities in my home country.

    Anh Ngo
    Anh Ngo

    Academic areas of interest: I intend to double major in Economics and Computer Science. Other than these two areas, I am also excited about entrepreneurship, public policy, education and auditing.

    Personal interests and hobbies: I am a semi-professional baker who is passionate about food science and nutrition. I have also played the violin for 10 years and I have a black belt in Karate.

    Future plans: I am currently envisioning a career in business; I have a particular interest in social entrepreneurship, but I am still open to changes.

    Leah Tesfa
    Leah Yousef Tesfa

    Academic areas of interest: I'm pursuing a career in mechanical engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Having a love for innovation; a passion for physics and a desire to make a direct impact on the society around me, I'm very excited to pursue a degree that encompasses all my interests!

    Personal interests and hobbies: During my free time I enjoy playing sports like tennis and swimming, and taking part in my church's Praise and Worship Team.

    Future plans: With the constant power shortages in my country, I'm excited to use my Penn Engineering education to make a difference in my home country, Zimbabwe, by enhancing the energy sector. Coming from a country where there are very few women in STEM, yet alone engineering, I also strive to be a role model and a source of inspiration to fellow Zimbabwean women aspiring to pursue this amazing field.

    Josias Zongo
    Burkina Faso/Ghana
    Josias Zongo

    Academic areas of interest: I'm currently intending to major in Economics. My other interests include Political Science, International Relations, Marketing, Business Analytics, French Studies, Biology, and Neuroscience.

    Personal interests and hobbies: Leadership & Advocacy, entrepreneurship, long-distance running, environmental activism, model UN, public speaking, graphic design, photography, videography, singing, hanging out with my friends, and watching Netflix.

    Future plans: Among many other things, I see myself working toward the alleviation of absolute poverty and the overall socio-economic development of Burkina Faso, Ghana, and other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa through entrepreneurship, science, and/or politics.