Rodolfo (Rudie) Altamirano, Ph.D.

Rodolfo Altamirano headshot
Executive Director, International Student & Scholar Services
Executive Director, Immigration Services and Integration Programs
Fax: (215) 898-2622
Designated School Official (DSO) / Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO)

Dr. Rodolfo "Rudie" Altamirano serves as the Executive Director of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and the Executive Director of Immigration Services and Integration Programs at the University of Pennsylvania. In these dual roles, he holds the primary responsibility for providing strategic leadership in the development and implementation of organizational and campus-wide initiatives for ISSS. His focus encompasses delivering high-quality services and programs to international students, scholars, faculty, staff, exchange visitors, and community members.

Dr. Altamirano, a recipient of both master's and doctoral degrees in the United States, brings a wealth of experience to his positions. With a history of regional and national leadership roles in NAFSA: The Association for International Educators, he has played an active part in shaping the field. Notably, he served as an elected national representative for the Council of Foreign Student Advisors [CAFSS] section of NAFSA and subsequently as the national Chair of KCISSS (Knowledge Community for International Students and Scholars).

Drawing from his extensive expertise, Dr. Altamirano has conducted over 500 workshops on immigration, cross-cultural communication, and conflict resolution at both national and international levels. He currently oversees several key initiatives at Penn, including the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB)International Partners Outreach Group (IPOG), Penn Annual Roundtable with Stakeholders (PARTS), and International Student Table for Advocacy and Relations (ISTAR). Additionally, he administers the Penn World Scholars program and is the visionary force behind Penn’s Intercultural Leadership Program (ILP)Forerunner ProgramiCommunicate and Penn Global Mosaic.

Dr. Altamirano's passion for global engagement extends beyond his professional roles. A seasoned traveler, he has explored diverse cultures across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, cherishing the educational experiences gained from each journey. He actively seeks opportunities to connect with students and scholars worldwide, recognizing the rich cross-cultural learning potential in these interactions. Driven by an insatiable curiosity for the world's cultures and languages, he continuously strives to foster partnerships with campus members and key stakeholders in the Philadelphia community, advancing Penn’s global engagement efforts.


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