Diversity & Identity Abroad

Intersections Abroad, a five-part video series

The University of Pennsylvania is committed to providing each one of its students a meaningful global experience. At Penn Abroad, we are dedicated to supporting you before, during, and after you travel abroad. We encourage you to consider how your identity as a member of multiple, diverse, and intersecting communities may be reflected and experienced differently as you travel and interact with new cultures. Our office aims to promote mutual global understanding, improve equity and access, and highlight diversity as we engage with students. We support equity initiatives and promote inclusion among all identities to help empower students to understand the world’s many cultures. Please see our Commitment to Access and Diversity within our Core Values on Penn Abroad’s About Us page. 

We invite you to view Intersections Abroad (above), a five-part video series that features Penn student experiences and highlights the complexities, rewards, and ways that each person's unique identity impacted their time abroad and beyond. In addition, each section of this website includes important information and questions to consider that can guide you as you reflect on your identity and seek advice, support, and community during your global experience.


Contact Penn Abroad at goabroad@upenn.edu if you have additional questions or need assistance navigating resources related to diversity and identity.