Global Research & Internship Program Funding & Financial Information

All students who are accepted to GRIP are guaranteed a GRIP funding award to help offset travel and/or internship-related expenses. Each GRIP placement has a set minimum award amount based on the cost of living and specific program costs in the given location. Budget and award details for each placement can be found on the “Money Matters” tab of each program brochure in PASSPORT.

Highly Aided students who are accepted to an on-site GRIP placement will receive a GRIP funding award of 100% of the total estimated cost of the program. This funding is provided jointly by Penn Global and Student Registration & Financial Services' Highly Aided Summer Funding. Students participating in GRIP should not submit a separate application to SRFS's Highly Aided Summer Funding program. 

Please note that GRIP is a non-credit-bearing opportunity and is thus not eligible for financial aid. GRIP participants may be eligible to receive a waiver for all or part of their summer savings expectation for the upcoming academic year through the Penn Summer Waiver Award Program. Please visit the SRFS website to read more information about the program and to access the application for this summer.

GRIP funding awards are taxable. The payment of an award to a student recipient will be reported as Miscellaneous Income. For U.S. citizens, no taxes are withheld from these payments, although the University reports the payments to the IRS on form 1099-MISC. For foreign nationals, awards will be subject to a withholding of up to 30%. Information regarding a potential income tax treaty exemption from withholding will be reviewed by the tax office prior to the award disbursement. 

To ensure you have a full understanding of GRIP money matters, the following information outlines the program’s funding award details and financial policies