By the Numbers

Each year Penn sends over 2,500 Penn students to more than 50 countries around the world on semester study abroad, summer internships, service learning, and short-term programs. Penn Abroad delivers a wide range of program options and is committed to providing a meaningful global experience to every Penn student.

The Penn Abroad team worked this year to support an increasing number of students embracing the opportunity to integrate a global experience into their academic journey. We invite you to review the Penn Abroad 2022-2023 Annual Report to find information about the accomplishments of our programs, our student engagement efforts, and our future plans under Penn's Strategic Framework for Global Initiatives.

2022-2023 At a Glance
  • 667 Penn students participated in a Penn Abroad program.
  • 48 The number of countries, spanning six continents, that Penn students traveled to on a Penn Abroad program.