Alice Andrews

Profile of Alice
Bologna Consortial Studies Program
Environmental Studies '25

Alice Andrews is a sophomore studying environmental studies. This upcoming fall, she will be studying at the University of Bologna through the Bologna Consortial Studies Program (BCSP). Taking courses instructed fully in Italian, Alice will immerse herself in the culture and language of Italy, while centering her studies around the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a unique opportunity offered at the University of Bologna. Originally from Belfast, Maine, Alice is excited to visit the natural wonders of Italy, and explore the city of Bologna. Additionally, she looks forward to learning about the city’s sustainability initiatives while improving her Italian language skills. In her free time, Alice enjoys trying new local coffee shops, walking her dog, and watching NBA games with her friends.

During her upcoming semester, Alice especially looks forward to...

  • Learning about Bologna’s unique history and culture

  • Apartment hunting with local Italian students

  • Tasting regional cuisine from different Italian cities (and eating as much Italian food as possible)

  • Meeting other international students and learning about their experiences and perspectives

  • Exploring the plethora of unique Bologna thrift stores

  • Traveling to other Italian cities and navigating the public transportation system

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