Penn Abroad Ambassador Martina Bulgarelli

Martina in Mongolia
Wharton '26
Environmental, Social and Governance Factors for Business & Finance
PGS: Communicating Change in Mongolia
Penn Global Seminars (PGS)


  • PGS: Communicating Change in Mongolia

Ask me about...

  • Learning local phrases to talk to locals

  • Learning about traditions like what to do when entering a ger (traditional house) and customs

  • Precautions when traveling abroad and how to prepare the luggage for such trip.

My Experience Abroad:

The Penn Global Seminar: Communicating Change in Mongolia gave me the opportunity to delve into the unique aspects of a country that resonates with me, much like my home country, Italy, which is known for its rich cultural heritage and close-knit traditional communities. This immersive experience has greatly supported my pursuit of a major in ESG and Finance, as it provided invaluable insights into the ways businesses and countries are adapting their practices due to the impacts of climate change.

One particular encounter during the seminar that left a profound impression on me was the meeting with Ger Hub. This experience opened my eyes to the significance of making education accessible to all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances. Witnessing firsthand the efforts of Ger Hub to bridge educational gaps through innovative approaches was truly inspiring. It has kindled my curiosity and motivated me to explore the realm of NGOs further, as I recognize their potential in driving positive change and addressing societal challenges.

Other Highlights:

  • Being in contact with the Penn Pals and the Hobby Schools. Each one of us was paired up with a student and I loved learning the different perspective from students at a high school in Mongolia.

  • Learning about how local herders organize their daily lives and they let us pet their cows, goats and sheep.

  • Meeting with a local lady who is a business owner and learning how she sustains her entire family. We had the opportunity to taste homemade milk tea and yogurt, she prepared for us. She also showed us the cheese making process and made us try it right after preparing it.

  • Looking at a traditional singing concert with performance and we were also able to visit a beautiful Buddhist temple.

  • We have had the honor to see with a binocular the takhi horses in the wilderness, there are not a lot of species in Mongolia, making it a privilege for us to see them.

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