Register Your Trip


mytrips logoRegistering your Penn-affiliated trip keeps you connected to Penn resources in the event of an emergency.  If traveling internationally, it also pre-authorizes medical insurance coverage

MyTrips is Penn's Travel Registry system. All the information on how to register is available on this site. If, however, you have a team or department that would like to be trained on MyTrips we can also come to you. Please contact us to schedule a training. 

Please note: Penn issued temporary travel guidelines and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic which requires registration in MyTrips for all faculty, staff and students authorized to travel on domestic or international Penn-affiliated trips. 

STEP 1: Make a Profile

The first step in using MyTrips is to make a profile. Once your profile is made you can register your trips. Follow the steps below to create your profile. A short training video and this PDF One-sheet are also available to assist you. 

  1. Go to: 
    MyTrips Login

  2. Select "New User? Register Here"

  3. Set up log-in credentials:

    • First & Last Name

    • Your UPenn Email Address

    • A Password

    • 2 Security Questions

  4. Check the "I have read the privacy policy" & Click Submit

  5. Check your UPenn email inbox for a verification email from ISOS

    • This email comes immediately. Check your junk mailbox if you haven't receive it.

    • This link in the email lasts 24 hours. If miss this 24 hour window, you will not be able to log in. Contact our office.  

  6. Click on the link in the email & login into your MyTrips account

  7. Enter your Penn ID#, home school, and phone number(s)

  8. Click "Update" and you're done! 

If you have any difficulties setting up or logging into your profile, you can review the FAQ below or contact our office

Step 2: Register Your Trip


Register Individual Travel



Register a Group Trip


Register Individual Travel



Register a Group Trip

MyTrips FAQs
I am locked out of my MyTrips account.

If you try to login to MyTrips and get locked out, an email will be sent directly to Penn to unlock your account. Once your account is unlocked, you will be notified by ISOS. You will then be able to go in and reset your password. 

MyTrips says my profile doesn't exist.

If you try to login to your MyTrips account and see a screen that says "Your profile doesn't exist." contact our office ASAP. This problem is unfortunate and inconvenient, but easily remedied.

We are currently working with ISOS to make sure this problem does not persist, but in the meantime, we appreciate your patience. If you contact us, we can fix it. 

How do I cancel a trip?

Log into MyTrips. You will see your trip information below your profile.

If a trashcan icon is listed at the end of a trip detail, click on this trashcan and the trip will be deleted. 

If your trip was created by "Agency" then it was registered as part of a group trip. Cancellation of group trips are handled by the group administrator.

If you are unable to cancel your trip in MyTrips, contact us, and we can help. 

How do I change my travel details?

If your travel plans have changed, e.g. checking in a day earlier, or airline changed flight times, you can make these changed in MyTrips. The method for changing travel details depends on how the trip was registered:

Manually Entered: Click on the trip name. Then within the trip details, click on the pencil icon and edit your trip details. 

Forwarded Itinerary: your only option is to delete that portion of the trip and either forward your new itinerary, if you have one, or manually enter the new trip details. 

Group Trip: The group administrator will make those changes. 

Finally, if you need to make changes and are unable, contact us, and we can help.