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Explore the different programs, activities and resources available to international students and scholars at Penn.
Let ISSS be your gateway to the Penn community!

Workshops & Events

Visit our events page to discover upcoming workshops, events and activities for the Penn international community.

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    • Campus Basics
    • Campus Basics

Campus-wide Resources

There are many different organizations and services at Penn that will connect you with campus and with others. See what Penn has to offer!

Student Programs & Leadership Opportunities

Adjusting to a new school and culture can bring unique challenges to your education. ISSS is committed to helping you:

  • adjust to life and studies 
  • succeed in your endeavors 
  • assume leadership roles within your new community

We want to help you become an advocate for making Penn a more welcoming environment.

ISSS-Penn Outreach & Partnerships

To serve you effectively the ISSS Director and his staff have developed partnerships with Penn staff and administrators, as well as with agencies like Social Security and Customs and Border Protection. The goal of these collaborations is to help provide you with the tools for a successful integration into your new school, culture and country. We want to make your arrival, studies, and experience here a welcoming one.