• Exploring Philadelphia & Beyond
    • Exploring Philadelphia & Beyond

"Philadelphia: It's the largest Colonial district in the country, with dozens of treasures plus the Independence National Historical Park. It boasts the most historic square mile in America, where the United States was conceived, declared and ratified-and you can see the Liberty Bell to prove it. It offers some of the best dining values and several of the best restaurants in America. It's a strollers' paradise of restored Georgian and Federal structures that are integrated with smart shops and contemporary row-house courts to create a working urban environment. Philadelphia is a center of professional and amateur sports, with over 7800 acres of parkland within the city limits. It's a city filled with art, crafts, and music for every taste, with boulevards made for street fairs and parades all year long."

- Frommer's Philadelphia

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    International Classroom at the University Museum
    This program places international students, scholars, and their spouses as speakers in area schools and local organizations. It is a great opportunity to learn more about American society and to teach Americans about your country. Contact the International Classroom at 215-898-4065 to volunteer as a speaker.