Senior Associate Director

Phone: 215-898-4661
Fax: 215-898-2622

Lily is the Senior Associate Director of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).  She has over eleven years work experience in International Education in Higher Education field.  Her responsibilities include supervising the advising services team, overseeing the ISSS operational team, leading the IT systems implementation and enhancement, advising students and scholars in immigration, travel, personal and cultural adjustment related matters, and ensuring Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) compliance.

Lily has a passion for utilizing technology to enhance the operational efficiency and the procedural effectiveness for ISSS.  She works closely with Information Systems Computing (ISC) as well as other Penn schools and departments to streamline the data flow between different information systems.  She enjoys working and interacting with people with diverse backgrounds.  In addition, she believes the beauty of higher education is integrating knowledge among different disciplines and building bridges across various cultures.  She is an active member of NAFSA and EDUCAUSE, and has conducted various immigration workshops and IT presentations.

    • Li Zhang
    • Li Zhang