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Cell phone carrier companies have different plans in terms of how many call minutes you can use each month, how much data you have available, and how many text messages you can send. Choosing the right plan can be difficult, but it's important to choose wisely so you don't end up paying too much money and that you are aware of any fees.

There are two main options: Plan or Prepaid

Many cell phone providers offer plans that involve signing a contract, typically for 1 or 2 years in length. Be aware that there are fees for ending a contract early. Make sure you clarify all terms of your contract before you sign.

Another option is a prepaid plan, where you pay monthly for the minutes and texts that you use. Most cell phone providers offer prepaid plans.

Here is a list of popular cell phone companies, which have offices located on or near campus.


AT&T: 3741 Walnut Street

Verizon: 3631 Walnut Street

T-Mobile: 3441 Chestnut Street