Immigration Check-In & Social Activities

New Student Check-in and Orientation

New Student Check-in and International Student Orientation (ISO) events are for all incoming F-1 or J-1 international students, including undergraduate, graduate, professional, transfer, and exchange students, as well as those returning from leave.

Federal regulations require that F-1 and J-1 international students register their presence at Penn, by completing check-in with ISSS:

  1. Complete the tutorial in iPenn (You can complete the tutorial before you arrive in the US.)

  2. Complete the arrival form in iPenn (After you arrive in the US.)

  3. Bring your documents for immigration document check at the ISSS office. 

    • If your program has a specified orientation scheduled for document check, please bring your documents at that time. 

    • All other summer 2019 programs should check-in at ISSS.

    • Students starting in August 2019 for the fall semester will select a document check time in iPenn when available)

If you are unable to complete any of these requirements for any reason, please complete the arrival form and contact ISSS for further instructions.


Access the iPenn portal here

Visit the ISSS office to have your immigration documents checked and report your physical presence at Penn. If your program has a specific time planned for immigration document check, please bring your documents at that time. 

  • Passport

  • F-1 or J-1 US Entry Visa (except Canadian or Bermudian citizens)

  • I-94 (whether a hard-copy paper card; or electronic as indicated by an admission/entry stamp in passport)

  • I-20 (for F-1 students) or DS-2019 (for J-1 students) issued by Penn

  • Any previously issued I-20(s) or DS-2019(s) from previous program, if applicable (This is required for transfer students)

  • Any other official correspondence from USCIS, such as an I-797, if applicable

We recommend getting your PennCard before bringing your documents to ISSS. If you don't have your PennCard, please bring your PIN number provided in the immigration check-in email sent to you by ISSS.

Events and Activities for New International Students

ISSS hosts a number of different orientation activities for both undergraduate and graduate/professional international students.

"International Student Orientation was the first warm welcome to me when I first joined Penn as a new international student and I participated in ISO again as a leader. It was an awesome opportunity to meet international students and scholars from all over the world and explore Penn Community and Philadelphia together! ISO was one of the most wonderful experience I had at Penn and I met the coolest people here!"
Mengyue Wang