Travel Information


Please note that due to ongoing travel restrictions, public health guidance, and immigration policy changes, international travel is strongly discouraged at this time. Students and scholars who leave the United States may face challenges when attempting re-entry. See our COVID-19 portal for more information.


This section is meant for current students and scholars whose immigration status has been sponsored by Penn. If your immigration status is sponsored by another institution, you should contact them for travel advice and requisite signatures.

If you are a new student arriving to Penn for the first time, please visit our Prepare for Penn and New Student Immigration sections.

Emergency Travel Concerns

If you travel without an I-20 /DS-2019 or it is outdated, you may be issued a Form I-515A (with an I-94 valid for just 30 days) by a CBP officer. Please see the section below about Travel Difficulties & Resources for more information.

International Travel Outside the US
Before you leave

Ensure you have the required Documentation & Signatures 

While you are away

Ensure you have a valid US Entry Visa

Upon your return

Ensure you have received an I-94 record reflecting the correct nonimmigrant status and duration

Travel Difficulties & Resources

What's Next?

After this review you are ready to learn about obtaining your US Entry Visa.