Penn Biden Leaders Dialogue

The Penn Biden Leaders Dialogue features Vice President Joe Biden in conversation with foreign policy leaders from across the country and around the world. A signature initiative of the Penn Biden Center, this forum aims to foster deeper understanding of complex international challenges while inspiring audiences toward greater global engagement.

Former deputy minister of the United Kingdom and 47th Vice President Joe Biden
Fall 2018
Rt. Hon. Sir Nick Clegg

On September 25, 2018, Vice President Joe Biden and Sir Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2010-2015 and former leader of the Liberal Democrats, sat down for a wide ranging discussion touching on the state of the global order, Brexit, and the future of Europe and the Transatlantic partnership. This most recent Penn Biden Leaders Dialogue took place in Irvine Auditorium at Penn as part of the Perry World House Colloquium on the future of the Global Order. 

Spring 2018
Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell, distinguished journalist and Penn alumna, interviewed Vice President Joe Biden on world affairs as part of the official opening celebration of the Penn Biden Center's offices in Washington, D.C.  The audience included leading policy makers and thinkers, former government officials, and members of the Penn community. 

I want this to be a place where ideas are exchanged, where people come and disagree with us, as well as agree with us.
Vice President Joe Biden, Leader of the Penn Biden Center
Fall 2017
Felipe Calderon

Felipe Calderon, former President of Mexico, joined Vice President Biden for the inaugural Penn Biden Leaders Dialogue in Irvine Auditorium at the University of Pennsylvania.

This streaming toward nationalism, populism, inward looking, is threatening the international order. But in order to address the issue, we first need to understand what is happening.
Felipe Calderon, Former President of Mexico