• gender development course in india
    • gender development course in india
Penn Global is pleased to announce the launch of the Global Seminars Program, an initiative that provides financial and logistical support for embedding overseas travel into robust undergraduate seminars. These courses will combine an intensive semester-long seminar with a short-term travel component, led by the course’s instructor, which will deepen the students understanding of concepts discussed in the classroom.

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Global Seminars

Operations Strategy Practicum: Israel - Fall 2017

This course will focus on the management of operations at manufacturing and service facilities located within the US and Israel that are used either by domestic corporations or by foreign multinational companies. Our emphasis will be on the evolving patterns of operations strategies adopted by firms for producing products, sourcing manufacturing, distributing products, delivering services and managing product design as well as on programs for enhancing quality, productivity and flexibility and managing technology. We will focus on the formulation and execution of such strategies for a collection of firms in the context of the current dynamics of global competition. 

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Temples and Shrines of Southeast Asia - Fall 2017

This course introduces students to the religious worlds of the South Asian diaspora in Malaysia and Singapore, centered upon Hindu, Muslim and Sikh temples and shrines. The course aims to deepen students’ understanding about historical and contemporary South Asian religious worlds in port cities such as Singapore, Melaka and Penang through introducing them to the academic literature on South Asian Sufis, gods, temples and shrines in these cities, and alternatively, through visits to shrines and temples in Malaysia and Singapore. These visits will equip students with a deeper understanding of the religious practices, traditions and rituals of the historical and contemporary South Asian diaspora.

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The Performing Arts of Modern South India - Fall 2017

This course focuses on the social history of the performing arts in modern South India and their interface with larger discourses on religion, gender, nation, and modernity. The course is centered on three allied performance traditions: Karnatak music, Bharatanatyam dance, and Tamil Kuttu theater. During our visit to India, we will travel to sites associated with performance, including temples and palaces such as those in the cities of Thanjavur and Pudukkottai. We will also spend time in the cities of Hyderabad and Chennai to examine modes of contemporary cultural production in these globalized cities, and travel to small towns and villages such as Mummidivaram to meet with artists from former courtesan communities. The course fosters a deep and sensitive understanding of both the power and politics of performance in the cultural life of modern South India.

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Health and the Healthcare System in Chile- FALL 2017

This course will provide interdisciplinary perspectives on health and the health care system in Chile.  Biological and social science perspectives, principally nursing, demography, economics, and epidemiology, will be presented. This course will cover such key topics as the epidemiology of health and illness in Chile; health system organization, governance, and financing; the health workforce; national health priorities, strategies, and recent reforms. In addition, the challenges of a long-distance Chile – U.S. research collaboration will be explored, including identifying research questions of mutual interest/benefit, research infrastructure requirements, soliciting support for health care research, identifying and recruiting a sample, accessing data and negotiating institutional review board approvals. Classroom, clinical and other field experiences are designed to provide students with both a broad overview and specific experiences within the course foci.

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Conflicts in the Middle East - Spring 2018

More information and application will be available by May 2017.

Muslims, Christians, and Jews: Pilgrimmage, Memory and History in Spain - Spring 2018

More information and application will be available by May 2017.

Also in development for Spring 2018...

...courses through SEAS, Nursing, and Political Science with travel to China and the Middle East.

These courses will be added as they are confirmed.

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    • penn global seminars student flyer

Global Seminars Fast Facts

  • Semester-long, on-campus courses with an overseas research or learning component
  • Available to undergraduates
  • Faculty members travel with students for overseas component
  • Small courses, generally no more than 15 students
  • Financial aid packages can be applied to Global Seminars