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Join Penn Abroad as we seek to provide every Penn student with a meaningful global experience.

A gift supporting one of the Penn Abroad funds ensures that we can deliver a wide range of global program options and enables us to provide students with rigorous, individualized, and authentic experiences. Our global programs prepare Penn students for an increasingly globalized world through integrated academic experiences that challenge and expand their cultural competency.

Penn Abroad Funding Opportunities:

Mercedes in Australia
Global Research & Internship Program, Australia
Mercedes Owens, CAS '21

"As a first-generation, low-income student, opportunities like these are often not made available to me. I come from a small southern town and have felt sheltered from the world, but had a desire to learn and grow. When I learned about the chance to gain valuable experience in a location on the opposite side of the world, I was quick to apply and incredibly honored to have been selected and fully funded. This would not have been made available to me without your generous donations."

Study Abroad & Global Opportunities Fund

Every year, Penn sends nearly 3,000 students abroad on credit-bearing global programs and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities. As part of our commitment to providing a meaningful global experience to every Penn student, Penn Abroad offers a wide array of programming options to meet the needs and aspirations of its diverse student body. From semester and academic year study abroad and incoming exchange, to short-term internship, research and study opportunities, each of Penn Abroad’s flagship programs are designed to enhance students’ academic and professional careers while building their cross-cultural competence and ability to engage with the world as global citizens and future leaders.  Penn Abroad is committed to increasing access among its programs to ensure that every Penn student, especially those typically underrepresented in global programming, has an opportunity to pursue a meaningful global experience while at Penn. Contributions to Penn Global’s Study Abroad and Global Opportunities Fund will directly support existing global programs or new initiatives that are responsive to the needs of all Penn students, regardless of financial need, and are creatively designed to enrich the quality and diversity of student global opportunities offered on campus.

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Global Research and Internship Program

Each summer, the Global Research and Internship Program (GRIP) sends nearly 200 students abroad to enhance their career potential in an increasingly global workplace through transformative work and research experience. Our most competitive overseas student program, GRIP provides outstanding undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to intern or conduct research with a variety of organizations and companies in dozens of countries around the world for 8 to 12 weeks over the summer. GRIP internships and research projects attract students from all majors and are based in non- and for-profit entities in a wide variety of industries including arts and culture, entrepreneurship, computer science, education, information technology, public policy, venture capital, and many more. Contributions will facilitate increased access to the program for students from diverse backgrounds and will directly support student interns, covering the costs of international travel, housing abroad, and expenses for the duration of their internship. Your support will be critical to the growth of the Global Research and Internship Program and to our broader efforts to offer these unique opportunities to those who seek a meaningful global experience.

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Penn Global Seminars

Penn Global Seminars (PGS) are transforming the undergraduate educational experience at Penn, combining intensive semester-long study with a short-term travel component to deepen students’ understanding of concepts discussed in the classroom. Penn Global Seminars are courses taught over 14 weeks at Penn with an intensive international field component led by the faculty leaders. Course topics and destinations vary greatly, with students exploring everything from international relations in Japan, to evolutionary biology and philosophy in the Galapagos, to indigenous art and music in Australia. Courses are taught in all four undergraduate schools and students of every class year and major are encouraged to participate. The Penn Global Seminars program is one of Penn’s most affordable study abroad opportunities, featuring a low flat fee which covers all aspects of travel. Contributions support the cost of running the travel component and will further Penn Abroad’s mission of broadening access to abroad opportunities for all Penn students, particularly first-generation, low-income students, student-athletes, and other students typically underrepresented in education abroad.

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