Semester Abroad Petition Programs

We recognize that a student may wish to study abroad at a university or program that is currently not affiliated with Penn Abroad. If you seek to study abroad and obtain academic credit toward your Penn degree on a non-affiliated program, it is critical for you to first make an appointment with a Penn Abroad Global Programs Manager. We will guide you in determining if your study abroad program of choice is an appropriate option, and discuss the steps required as part of the formal petition process. A formal petition is necessary in order to receive University of Pennsylvania permission to attend the non-affiliated program and obtain one-time, non-permanent recognition of the program. Completed petitions are reviewed in collaboration with Penn Abroad and academic advisors from the relevant undergraduate home school. If you are seeking academic credit for an independent study or research conducted abroad, you will also need to pursue the petition process. 

Please note for Spring 2022: Petitions to non-Penn programs will be reviewed on a limited basis. Petitions will only be accepted to locations that will not require a COVID-19 travel petition per Penn’s Committee on Travel Risk Assessment (CTRA). As of June 2021, only locations that are rated CDC Level 1 or 2 do not require a COVID-19 travel petition. As travel guidelines continue to evolve, updated information about Penn travel policies can be found on the Travel Guidelines and Procedures page.