Exchange at Penn EAP Correspondents

The EAP Correspondents are Exchange at Penn students dedicated to sharing their experiences with the Penn community. Two students will be selected in the Spring 2023 semester to share their writing, photography, and videos. These students highlight how EAP students engage at Penn during their time in an immersive, academic setting.

Interested in sharing your experience while you are at Penn? By participating in the EAP Correspondents program, you have the opportunity to:

  • Document your study abroad experience

  • Gain experience and exposure in writing, photography, videography, event programming, and/or other creative outlets

  • Build your résumé and LinkedIn profile

  • Receive an award of $200 (subject to tax withholdings) upon successful completion of the program

  • Receive free attendance to select EAP excursions

Program Requirements

  • Attend a kick-off meeting with your fellow EAP Correspondent

  • Write a reflective blog post, to be published on the Penn Abroad Blog, a minimum of two times over the course of the semester

  • Engage with Penn Abroad on social media, Instagram in particular, over the course of the semester by writing/sharing posts.

  • Assist EAP staff with communicating/promoting opportunities to your EAP peers and informal event programming/facilitation.


  • Studying abroad at Penn in the Spring 2023 semester through the EAP program

  • Interest in writing, photography, videography, and/or social media

  • Accountability to meet all program requirements


Apply online through our application survey. The application deadline is Monday, January 16. Decisions will be released by January 18, 2023.

Award Disbursement

The $200 award (subject to tax withholdings) will be disbursed upon completing the program requirements. The payment of an award to a student recipient will be reported as Miscellaneous Income. For U.S. citizens, no taxes are withheld from these payments, although the university does report the payments to the IRS and the student on form 1099-MISC. For foreign nationals, awards will be subject to a withholding of up to 30%. Information regarding a potential income tax treaty exemption from withholding will be reviewed by the tax office prior to the award disbursement. 

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