Where Will Penn Take You? Penn Abroad Video Contest

The Penn Abroad Video Contest runs annually and is open to all Penn students who participated in a Penn Abroad program the previous year. Videos are judged by a panel coordinated by the Penn Abroad team.

Share your experiences abroad and represent your life and academic experiences while studying and/or interning abroad. As you respond to the theme of the 2024 Penn Abroad Video Contest, Finding Meaning in your Global Experienceyou may consider a variety of subjects, including student life, local culture, the classroom, history, professional experience, and/or community. Be creative and show us a reflection of how these experiences have been meaningful to you as you embrace your global community and have new learning experiences.


  • Video submissions must be between 45-60 seconds. No more, no less.
  • Audio/visuals can use a variety of multimedia but should not be strictly a slideshow of images and must have been created for this contest.
  • Music used in your video must not violate an artist's copyright. You can find free music in a variety of places by searching online, including https://www.freemusicarchive.org. Some may require giving credit to the artist in the video, which can be done by adding short titles.
  • Videos can be of any genre, format, and aesthetic, ranging from dramatic to art to documentary.
  • Subject matter should be original, relevant to the category, and suitable for distribution. They may not contain references to alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed each year.
  • Only current Penn students who participated on a Penn Abroad program (Semester Abroad, Global Research & Internship Program, Penn Global Seminars, Penn Global Research Institutes) from Fall 2023-Summer 2024 will be considered. 
  • Video submissions will be shared on Penn Abroad’s social media channels and may have Penn Abroad titles/logos added to the beginning.
  • Entries will be accepted on a rolling basis and you are welcome to submit your video at any time prior to the deadline.
  • The deadline for submissions is Thursday, August 15, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST. The submission form can be found at the bottom of this page.


Videos will be judged based on the rubric below by a panel coordinated by the Penn Abroad team. Winners will be announced in September 2024 at the Penn Abroad Fair. You are encouraged to be creative and experiment with style, genre, and imagery.

Category 4. Excellent 3. Very Good 2. Satisfactory 1. Limited
Focus: Does the video engage with the theme: ‘Finding Meaning in your Global Experience’? The video thoroughly explores diverse aspects of the filmmaker's global experience, effectively conveying deep reflections on the theme. 

The video explores multiple facets of the filmmaker's global experience and offers insightful perspectives on the theme.

The video attempts to address the theme but may lack depth or clarity. The video does not effectively engage with the theme, demonstrating a lack of exploration of the filmmaker's global experience.
Production: Are the technical qualities of the video intentional, including cinematography, visual and auditory elements? 

The video demonstrates excellent technical qualities, with deliberate use of cinematography, visual effects, and sound to engage the viewer and convey meaning.

The video displays strong technical execution, employing thoughtful cinematography and visuals, and clear audio to engage the viewer.

The video exhibits basic technical competence, with some intentional use of visual/audio elements, but improvements could enhance the overall quality and impact. The video lacks intentional use of technical elements, resulting in distracting or poor-quality cinematography, visuals, or audio that detract from the viewer's experience. 
Balance: Are a range of academic and cultural experiences are explored?

The video explores a diverse range of academic and cultural experiences, demonstrating the filmmaker's understanding of various contexts and perspectives.

The video effectively balances academic and cultural experiences, showcasing a variety of insights and reflections. The video includes some exploration of academic and cultural experiences, but the balance may be uneven or lacking in depth. The video focuses predominantly on a singular experience, neglecting to explore a variety of perspectives. 
Creativity/ Originality: Does the filmmaker approach the prompt in a way that reflects their unique identity? The video demonstrates exceptional creativity, offering a distinct perspective on the theme that reflects the filmmaker's unique identity and artistic vision in a compelling way. 

The video showcases creative and original approaches to the prompt, incorporating unique elements that reflect the filmmaker's individual perspective.

The video demonstrates some creativity and originality in approaching the prompt, although there may be opportunities for further exploration. The video lacks creativity and originality, relying on conventional or derivative approaches to the theme. 

The best submissions will:

  • Reflect on your experience and artfully respond to the theme and what being abroad means to you.
  • Have a concept, tell a story, or use the format to have a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  • Inspire, encourage, and help your fellow students understand your unique experience abroad.


  • First Prize - $600
  • Second Prize - $300
  • Third Prize - $150

*All prizes are subject to tax withholding & it is the responsibility of the prize recipient to report the taxable prize received to the IRS on their personal income tax returns.

Questions? Contact goabroad@upenn.edu


Entry Form

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