Penn Campus Resources

As a Penn student, you have a wealth of support and resources available to you before going abroad, while you are abroad, and after you have returned. Penn Abroad works closely with several offices on campus to ensure that students are adequately prepared for their experiences abroad. Remember that you have access to these resources even while you are overseas. Below is a list of offices that you might find beneficial during the abroad process.

Offices and Services

Career Services
Going abroad can help build on language skills and other technical skills, but also helps to develop skills such as cultural understanding, flexibility, and patience. See how you can highlight and market your global experiences on your resume and during interviews.

Student Health & Counseling
While experiencing a new country and culture is exciting, it is normal to experience culture shock. Penn’s Student Health & Counseling can support you as you are adjusting to a new country, as well as when you are settling back into life at Penn. They can connect you with several on-the-ground resources in your host country.

Residential Services
Worried about what to do about your on-campus housing while you are abroad for the semester? Penn Residential Services provides flexibility for students studying abroad so you do not have to sublet your room. Students in Greek housing should check their specific housing policy as this could differ. You also can apply online for Penn housing while you are abroad. The Residential Services office has compiled Frequently Asked Questions about Penn housing during and after study abroad available on their website. You can also find a list of external housing and subletting resources through Penn Career Services.

Student Registration & Financial Services
For most Penn Abroad programs, your financial aid carries over when you are abroad. Based on the budget sheet for your specific study abroad program, your bill is adjusted to account for the additional costs of studying abroad. 

While abroad, you may participate in advance registration for the semester that you will return to Penn.  Be sure to check your email regularly for information and reminders. Dates for advance registration are listed in Penn’s Academic Calendar. Contact your academic and/or major advisor(s) before advance registration begins to discuss course selection and, if necessary, have registration holds removed.

Student Health Services
Students are required to maintain insurance coverage that is valid in their home country while they are abroad. Student Health Services is available for pre-departure travel health consultations and can give students advice about maintaining good health while abroad. All Penn students traveling through an approved program will be covered by Penn’s International SOS insurance.

Weingarten Learning Resources Center
The Office of Learning Resources provides students with strategies on reading, writing and time management while on campus and abroad.

Disabilities Services
Disabilities Services works closely with students who utilize their resources on campus to help them succeed abroad. Student Disabilities Services can assist students with requesting accommodations in their host institution abroad.

Additional Resources

Penn Abroad recognizes these other entities on campus, centered on culture and identity, which may be important resources before, during, or after your time abroad. For more information, please visit our Diversity and Identity abroad page.

Greenfield Intercultural Center, FGLI Program

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center

Penn Women’s Center

Penn Violence Prevention

La Casa Latina

Makuu Black Cultural Center

Pan-Asian American Community House

Office of the Chaplain