Penn-Affiliated Travel

Access to travel medical insurance and emergency resources, apply to current faculty, staff and students while on Penn-affiliated travel.

Travel is considered Penn-affiliated when at least one of the following criteria applies:

  • Education Abroad that is pre-approved for Penn credit.  This includes semester and year-long study abroad, summer study abroad, short-term and immersion programs of any duration, and research that is tied to academic credit.

  • Travel that is directly related to, or in support of, academic research or fieldwork.

  • Travel that is funded, in full or in part, by Penn or Penn-managed funds (grants, stipends, scholarships, fellowships, financial aid).

  • Travel that is accompanied by Penn faculty or a staff member acting in his/her role as a Penn employee.

  • Travel that is undertaken by one or more members of a student organization officially recognized and sponsored by the appropriate university entity and the purpose of travel is within the scope and mission of the University. 

  • Travel that is completed within the course and scope of employment at Penn, regardless of funding source. 

Penn travel benefits extend to legal spouses and dependent children traveling with current faculty, staff and students on Penn-affiliated travel.

  • International travel post-graduation that is required for degree completion

  • International travel undertaken within 6 months post-graduation that is funded by Penn 

  • The award/funding is granted while the student is still matriculated at Penn (i.e. senior year)

  • The travel is within the scope of the student’s prior enrollment at Penn (i.e. leisure travel not covered)

The President’s Engagement Prize will continue to be considered on a case by case basis since it is a rare occurrence that the funding is used outside of the U.S. and outside of home country.

  • Personal travel such as vacation

  • Personal travel of 3 days or more before or after Penn-affiliated travel

  • Group travel organized by students, without administrative oversight and unrelated to a recognized student organization or the purpose of travel does not meet scope and mission of the University

  • Instances when Penn faculty or staff has discussed a travel opportunity, forwarded information about travel that might be of interest, or posted information about travel opportunities offered by third parties but otherwise does not meet funding, credit, or organizational criteria above