Travel Registry FAQs

Registering your Penn-affiliated trip keeps you connected to Penn resources in the event of an emergency. If traveling internationally, it also pre-authorizes medical insurance coverage. This process is simple, but questions may arise. This page holds the questions and issues seen most often by Penn travelers. If your question is not found here, please contact us. We are happy to help. 

MyTrips Account
Is it mandatory that I register my trip in MyTrips?

Yes, students, faculty and staff are required to register all Penn-affiliated travel in MyTrips. 


What is the benefit of registering in MyTrips?

By registering in MyTrips, you will be pre-authorized to use your International SOS membership, which includes 24/7 travel assistance, travel medical insurance and evacuation assistance. Registration in MyTrips allows Penn to respond more efficiently and effectively when you are involved in an incident abroad.

I am locked out of my MyTrips account.

If you try to login to MyTrips and get locked out, an email will be sent directly to Penn to unlock your account. Once your account is unlocked, you will be notified by ISOS. You will then be able to go in and reset your password. 

MyTrips says my profile doesn't exist.

If you try to login to your MyTrips account and see a screen that says "Your profile doesn't exist." contact our office ASAP. This problem is unfortunate and inconvenient, but easily remedied.

We are currently working with ISOS to make sure this problem does not persist, but in the meantime, we appreciate your patience and if you contact us, we can fix it. 

How do I cancel a trip?

Log into MyTrips. You will see your trip information below your profile.

If a trashcan icon is listed at the end of a trip detail, click on this trashcan and the trip will be deleted. 

If your trip was created by "Agency" then it was registered as part of a group trip. Cancellation of group trips are handled by the group administrator.

If you are unable to cancel your trip in MyTrips, contact us. We can help. 

How do I change my travel details?

If your travel plans have changed, e.g. checking in a day earlier, or airline changed flight times, you can make these changed in MyTrips. The method for changing travel details depends on how the trip was registered:

Manually Entered: Click on the trip name. Then within the trip details, click on the pencil icon and edit your trip details. 

Forwarded Itinerary: your only option is to delete that portion of the trip and either forward your new itinerary, if you have one, or manually enter the new trip details. 

Group Trip: The group administrator will make those changes. 

Finally, if you need to make changes and are unable, contact us. We can help. 

I am traveling as part of a group. Do I need to register?

All first time users will need to set up a profile in MyTrips.

Once you have a profile in MyTrips, group travelers do not need to do anything further. Your group administrator will register your trip. If you are unsure whether or not you will be registered as a group, please check with your group administrator to ensure they will be registering the trip details of your group.

Individual Trip Registration
What if I booked a trip using my personal email?

If you booked travel through a personal email address you can do two things. First, you can forward this itinerary to your UPenn email address then forward to ISOS. Or you can add your personal email address to your profile on MyTrips. If your personal email address is in your MyTrips profile you can then forward any itinerary from that personal email account. 

What if my forwarded itinerary was unsuccessful?

There are ways that an email forward can be unsuccessful. Three of the main reasons are listed below:

  1. The forwarding email was NOT an itinerary confirmation. The system will only accept itinerary confirmations; it will not take receipts or correspondences. Make sure the email you forward contains itinerary details and confirmation number.

  2. The itinerary was submitted as a jpeg or png image of the confirmation. Images or screenshots of an itinerary will not be accepted. The original email confirmation must be forwarded unedited. 

  3. Though the system accepts itineraries from a large number of vendors, it does not accept them all. It currently accepts flights, hotels, car rentals and bus reservations, and the list of vendors and capabilities continues to expand. If your itinerary was not accepted but it contained itinerary details and a confirmation number, it may be a current vendor limitation to the system. Please contact us with the vendor and type of travel you forwarded, and we can confirm if it is supported. 

If you have any additional questions regarding your upload please contact us

What if my itinerary is a PDF attachment?

If the itinerary includes a PDF attachment, the attachment should be included when forwarding an itinerary. However, each individual itinerary should be forwarded (i.e. two attachments cannot be processed within the same email).

What if my itinerary has multiple travelers on it?

If your booking includes additional travelers the system will only register the first traveler listed. It is best to only forward itineraries that are for one single traveler. If you are on a group booking, and not the first traveler listed, you will have to manually enter your trip details in MyTrips. 

I logged into MyTrips and my travel isn't there!

The system may have caught a slight difference between the traveler information listed on the itinerary and the traveler information listed in the profile. This can cause a trip not show up in your profile.

One reason this could happen is when the email on a forwarded itinerary, or on a group spreadsheet, does not match the email in your profile. It is important, if you have alternate email addresses, to add them to your profile BEFORE you register any travel.  

If you cannot find your trip in your profile, contact us. We can help. 

Can I register my domestic trip?

No. Please do not register domestic travel in MyTrips. MyTrips is reserved for international Penn-affiliated travel only. 

Please note: travel medical and security insurance is only available outside the US (but does include coverage in Puerto Rico). 

What if my travel plans have changed?

If your travel plans have changed, you can forward the latest confirmation email including the trip change. If the trip confirmation number has been kept the same by the vendor, then the trip change will be accepted. If the confirmation number has changed, then you will need to log into MyTrips to delete the old travel information. 

NOTE: Notification emails on changes to your trip, e.g. an email from an airline that your flight has been changed, cannot be forwarded. If your travel plans have changed and there is no updated itinerary confirmation email to accompany that change, you must log into MyTrips and manually adjust the trip information. 

What if my itinerary is not in English?

The system supports 28 different languages:

Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Czech
Danish Dutch English Estonian
Finnish French German Hebrew
Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese
Korean Norwegian Polish Portuguese
Romanian Russian Serbian Spanish
Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese


PLEASE NOTE: It will not translate/convert any languages in the itinerary segments which are forwarded.  It will only parse out the necessary content based on what is provided in the itinerary. For example, for a French language itinerary, the itinerary information will remain in French and not be converted into English.

What if my travel is cancelled?

Unfortunately, trip cancellations are not supported by forwarding feature. You will need to manually delete these trips by logging into your MyTrips account.

Can I register personal travel?

MyTrips is designated for Penn-affiliated travel only. Personal travel can be registered only if it occurs within your Penn-affiliated travel dates or 3 days before/after the Penn-affiliated trip.

What if my question is not listed?

Many questions can arise with a new system. If your question is not listed here, or if you need additional assistance, we are happy to help. 

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I forwarded my itinerary. Do I need to register my travel manually?

No. If you have already successfully forwarded an itinerary, you do not need to manually enter that information. If your forward was "unsuccessful" please contact us

Group Travel Registration
What if there are changes to the spreadsheet?

If you have already submitted a spreadsheet and changes occur, e.g. student drops and you need to remove him or her, put an “x” next to their name in the cancellation column of your spreadsheet. If you need to add a traveler, simply add him or her after the last traveler on your spreadsheet and fill out the fields accordingly.  Before resubmitting your spreadsheet, append "_UPDATE" to the end of the file name.

If you need to make any changes to a traveler’s demographic information including: email address, first and last name, or phone numbers please contact us directly with the changes.


Can alumni be added to the spreadsheet?

Typically no. Penn's international travel medical insurance is reserved for current faculty, staff and students only.  In certain situations, an exception can be made. If you are inviting alumni or special guests to join your travel group, please contact us for more information.

I don’t have Penn IDs for all my travelers.

You should reach out to your travelers directly to obtain their PENN IDs. Only current student, staff and faculty with Penn IDs should be included on your group spreadsheet.

I need to cancel a group trip.

Please contact us. Its important to attach your spreadsheet to this email.

Do the travelers on my spreadsheet need to register?

All first time users will need to set up a profile in MyTrips.

Once the group travelers have a profile in MyTrips, they do not need to do anything further. 

Spreadsheet Updates

Before registering your group trip please be sure to download the latest Group Travel Spreadsheet Template.

Will my travelers get an email confirmation once the group trip is registered?

No. Once a group trip is registered, an email confirmation will only be sent to the group spreadsheet creator.

The group registration simply ensures that all travelers in the group are now pre-authorized to use the International SOS insurance coverage. Travelers can access their insurance card and summary of benefits here ISOS-Penn portal.

All first time users of MyTrips should create a profile. This gives them the chance to view their trip and/or add additional legs to their trip and add their own individual travel in the future.

Can I add multiple groups to one spreadsheet?

No. There should only be one group per spreadsheet. 

All of the travelers on your group spreadsheet should be going to the same location(s).

For example, your spreadsheet shouldn't include some travelers going to Milan, Italy, while others are going to Karatu, Tanzania.

Each group should be registered on its own spreadsheet.

If you have any questions regarding your spreadsheet we are always happy to help. 

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