Wire Transfer Banking Information

Required processing information on all invoices from outside the United States.

Beneficiary name on Bank Account:

Bank Name:
Swift Code:
Currency Type:
Bank City:
Bank Country:
Wire reference (if needed):


*IBAN= International Bank Account Number

The IBAN is a different number than the regular bank account number, as it is specifically reserved for international payments only.  If a person/institution does not know their IBAN, they can simply ask their bank/finance office and it should be no problem to obtain.  Most countries utilize IBANs for international payments, however a few do not.  When they do not, their regular bank account number is fine.


*If payment is going to the countries below, they will require 1 additional field

Australia- a 6-digit BSB number
China- 12 or 14 digit CNAPS (China National Advanced Payment System)
India- 11-digit IFSC code
Russia- 9-digit BIK code