Penn in Latin America & the Caribbean Connect with PLAC

There are a number of ways to connect with us and our efforts, whether you are interested in joining the PLAC Steering Committee or engaging with our campus partners who help guide our efforts to bolster engagement in the region.

Join the PLAC Steering Committee

Since 2015, members of the Penn in Latin America and the Caribbean (PLAC) Steering Committee have collaborated across campus to organize a number of events, including conferences, symposia, and information sessions for student opportunities. If you are interested in helping to guide our efforts, please contact

History of PLAC

In the fall of 2014, the School of Nursing, under the newly appointed Dean, Dr. Antonia Villarruel, reached out to representatives from Schools across the Penn campus to gauge interest in forming the Penn in Latin America and the Caribbean group.  The strong positive response led to a meeting on December 15, 2014.  More than 60 individuals from eight Penn Schools, the Perry World House, Penn Global, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia were in attendance.

In the years since, the University of Pennsylvania, led by an interdisciplinary team from across campus, hosts an annual "PLAC" conference to showcase the depth and breadth of institutional and faculty engagement in the region.

Engage with Our Partners

The PLAC Steering Committee works with schools, centers, and departments across campus to guide its efforts to bolster engagement in the region.