Community in-Alliance for Recovery: Challenging Mental Health Stigma in Rural China

Principal Investigator: Yin Ling Irene Wong, Associate Professor

Co-Principal Investigators: Mao-Sheng Ran, The University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work & Social Administration; An-Li Wang, Annenberg Public Policy Center; David Metzger, Department of Psychiatry

Lead School: School of Social Policy and Practice

Penn Partners: Annenberg Public Policy Center Health Communication, Perelman School of Medicine (Department of Psychiatry)

Chinese Partners: University of Hong Kong (Department of Social Work and Social Administration)

Project Abstract

This three-year project is based on research collaboration between academic partners from the School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2), Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC), Department of Psychiatry of University of Pennsylvania and The University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work and Social Administration (HKUSWSA).  Building on the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from the fields of health communication, psychiatry, social administration and social work, the goal is to design, evaluate, and disseminate a family-based health messaging intervention to reduce stigma of mental illness among the general public in rural China.