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2017 Penn China Research Symposium
9:00 AM - 3:45 PM
Perry World House | World Forum

Each year, Penn Global and Penn China Initiatives will host an interdisciplinary symposium to highlight and facilitate discussion on activities supported by the Penn China Research and Engagement Fund (CREF) and other China-related work at Penn.  The symposium features research “blitz” presentations, highlighting Penn faculty work across a broad range of fields, and programmatic workshops on conducting research and activities in China.  


9:00 a.m.  Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Ezekiel EmanuelVice Provost for Global Initiatives

  • Amy Gadsden, Executive Director of Penn Global and Penn China Initiatives

9:15 a.m.   Research Blitz I: China’s Health & Healthcare

Moderated by Ezekiel Emanuel, Vice Provost for Global Initiatives

Penn has long been at the forefront of understanding China’s health and healthcare landscape through a variety of interdisciplinary activities. The first research blitz will bring together faculty members from Penn’s School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Veterinary Medicine, Wharton, School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Social Policy and Practice to discuss their research on Chinese healthcare, on-the-ground clinical training in China, initiatives to improve animal health, etc. Each presenter will give a “blitz” presentation for about 5 minutes, followed by a short moderated Q&A.

Presenters (In order of presentation):

  • Yuchi Han, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Penn Medicine

  • Jianghong Liu, Associate Professor of Nursing, Penn Nursing

  • Rosemary Polomano, Associate Dean for Practice; Professor of Pain Practice, Penn Nursing

  • Renyu Liu, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical; Co-Director of Penn-China Anesthesia Partnership Program; Director of Preoperative Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Penn Medicine

  • Paul Zhang, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Penn Medicine

  • David Galligan, Professor of Animal Health Economics, Penn Vet

  • Thomas Parsons, Associate Professor of Swine Production Medicine, Department of Clinical Studies, Penn Vet

  • Irene Wong, Associate Professor, SP2

10:15 a.m.   Coffee Break

10:30 a.m.    Research Blitz II: China’s Economic and Political Landscape

Moderated by Avery Goldstein, David M. Knott Professor of Global Politics and International Relations in the Political Science Department, Director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China, SAS

As China plays an increasingly prominent role on the international stage, understanding China’s economic and political landscapes, and China’s drive to transform itself into an innovation powerhouse becomes crucial. The second research blitz convenes faculty members from Wharton, Law, School of Arts and Sciences, School of Social Policy and Practice, and the Annenberg School of Communication to share their research and initiatives on China’s economic and political development, as well as on China’s innovation environment. Each presenter will give a “blitz” presentation for about 5 minutes, followed by a short moderated Q&A.

Presenters (In order of presentation):

  • William Burke-White, Richard Perry Professor and Inaugural Director, Perry World House; Deputy Dean and Professor of Law, Penn Law

  • Jacques DeLisle, Director, Center for East Asian Studies; Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law & Professor of Political Science, Penn Law

  • Hanming Fang, Class of 1965 Term Professor of Economics, SAS

  • Guobin Yang, Associate Professor of Sociology and Communication, Annenberg

  • Chao Guo, Associate Professor of Non-profit Management, SP2

  • Marshall Meyer, Emeritus Professor of Management, Tsai Wan-tsai Professor Emeritus, Wharton

  • Hendrik Wendland, CTIC Fellow, Penn Law

  • Minyuan Zhao, Associate Professor of Management, Wharton

11:30 a.m.   Research Blitz III: China’s Cities & Urban Development

Moderated by John Zhang, Director of Penn Wharton China Center; Murrel J. Ades Professor, Professor of Marketing, Wharton

One billion people will be living in Chinese cities by 2030, and challenges associated with urbanization are bound to arise in China’s rapid urban development. The third research blitz assembles Penn faculty members from Penn Design, Wharton, and School of Arts and Sciences to discuss Penn’s approach and initiatives to address China’s unprecedented urban development challenges and social issues associated with China’s urbanization. Each presenter will give a “blitz” presentation for about 5 minutes, followed by a short moderated Q&A.

Presenters (In order of presentation):

  • Stefan Al, Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning, Penn Design

  • Susan Wachter, Albert Sussman Professor of Real Estate. Professor of Finance, Wharton

  • Ali Rahim, Professor of Architecture, Director of the AAD program, Penn Design

  • Marilyn Jordan Taylor, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Penn Design

  • Emily Hannum, Professor of Sociology and Education; Associate Director, Population Studies Center, SAS; Xiaoying Liu,        Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for the Study of Contemporary China

  • Kenneth Lum, Professor and Chair of Fine Arts Department, Penn Design

  • Megan Ryerson, Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning, Penn Design

12:30 p.m.   Lunch 

1:30 p.m.      Research Blitz IV: Research and Collaboration Engagement with China in the STEM field

Moderated by Joshua Atkins, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

This session will highlight Penn faculty members’ research and collaboration in the STEM field with Chinese scientists and Chinese partners (corporate research labs, universities, think-tanks, etc.). It will also feature a moderated discussion on future directions and strategies of Penn’s global engagement in the field of natural and physical sciences. Each presenter will give a “blitz” presentation for about 5 minutes, followed by a short moderated Q&A.

Presenters (In order of presentation):

  • Shu Yang,  Professor, Material Science and Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, SEAS

  • Peter Dodson, Professor of Veterinary Gross Anatomy; Professor of Earth and Environmental Science (paleontology), SAS

  • Jianbo Shi, Professor, Computer and Information Science, SEAS

  • Jiahong Yuan, Associate Director, Speech Research, Linguistic Data Consortium, SAS

  • Daniel Koditshcek, Alfred Fitler Moore Professor, Electrical & Systems Engineering, SEAS

2:30 p.m.      Coffee Break

2:45 p.m.      Programmatic Workshop

Moderated by Amy Gadsden, Executive Director of Penn Global and Penn China Initiatives

This programmatic workshop will highlight issues and practical considerations relating to running various kind of programs in China.

Topic 1: Developing revenue-generating programs


  • Carlos Hornstein, Managing Director, Aresty Institute of Executive Education, Wharton

  • Maureen McGinness, Controller, Wharton

  • Pamela Rice, Director of Continuing Education, Penn Dental

  • Zoe Qiao, Senior Associate Director, Penn Wharton China Center

Topic 2: Developing and running student programs in China


  • Mien-hwa Chiang,  Director, Chinese Language Program; Senior Lecturer in Foreign Languages, SAS

  • David Dettmann, Associate Director, Center for East Asian Studies; U.S. Director, American Center for Mongolian Studies

  • Frederick Dickinson, Co-Director, Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies

Topic 3: Working with Chinese media, Chinese partners, and the Chinese government


  • Amanda Mott, Associate Director for News, University of Pennsylvania

  • Nora Lewis, Vice Dean, Professional and Liberal Education, SAS